‘Why Y’all Startin’ to Look Like Real Motha and Daughter’: Tisha Campbell and Jennifer Freeman Reunite for a Birthday Celebration

Tisha Campbell had the opportunity to reunite with her “My Wife and Kids” co-star and on-screen daughter Jennifer Freeman at a fancy restaurant as they celebrated their birthdays. 

Both of the women have birthdays in the month of October — Campbell’s being the 13th while Freeman’s is the 20th — so they thought it would be a good idea to link up for a mini birthday dinner. 

Tisha Campbell Martin and Jennifer Freeman. @tishacampbellmartin/Instagram

“Still celebrating!!! But this time I gotta chance to celebrate with my tv daughter @msjenfreeman HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Campbell wrote in an Instagram post that included a video of the two singing happy birthday to each other. 

“Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us!” The ladies sang together before getting stumped at what to say next, “Happy birthday to … Tisha!” Freeman joyfully stated after a quick pause of silence. 

“To Jennifer!” Campbell responded before they both laughed and finished their “Happy Birthday to You” serenade.

The “Martinalum also showed fans her and Freeman’s tiny decorative birthday cakes they received at the restaurant with their names creatively written in cursive on their designated plates.

“Aw I love you!! So glad we got to celebrate! Happy Birthday @tishacampbellmartin [two white heart emojis]” Freeman wrote in her fictional mother’s comment section. 

Campbell was also met with comments from fans who noted how much the two women favored each other. 

“Great casting because sheesh… you ARE the mother *Maury voice* [laughter emojis]”

“Why y’all startin to look like real motha and daughter”

“You look like you both could be related for real!” 

Other comments centered on fans questioning a “My Wife and Kids” reboot. 

“Still waiting on the reboot”

“We need a my wife and kids reboot!!”

“My Wife and Kids” first premiered in 2001 on ABC before it was canceled right before its sixth season in 2005. 

The popular show followed the life of Michael Kyle, portrayed by legendary comedian Damon Wayans, along with his wife, Campbell’s character, Jay Kyle, and their three children portrayed by Freeman, George O. Gore II and Parker McKenna Posey. 

Freeman came in during the show’s second season after replacing Jazz Raycole as Claire. In an interview with Christian Post, Raycole revealed why she left after the show’s first season. 

“I was 12 when I got that job. The producers wanted a different thing, they wanted someone a bit older. I wasn’t ready for that,” she stated. Raycole revealed she “ended up going to New York to dance.”

While a “My Wife and Kids” reboot doesn’t seem be in the cards right now, fans can still relive the show’s comedic episodes on the Hulu streaming service.

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