‘One Thing About the Wayans Family, They Put Each Other On Successfully’: Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. Are Teaming Up For a New Father-Son Sitcom

Damon Wayans and Damon Wayans Jr. are set to star together in a new father-son sitcom developed by CBS network. 

In an exclusive report from Deadline, Wayans Sr. is a co-writer on the untitled project that teamed up with “Last Man Standing” executive producer Kevin Hench. 

screenshot of “Happy Together” featuring Damon Wayans Jr. (left) and Damon Wayans (right)

According to Deadline, the comedy is set to follow Wayans Sr. character “Poppa” as he helps his adult son, Wayans Jr., find his own path into adulthood before he reaches 40. 

Deadline also noted, “This marks Wayans’ return to network comedy after he co-created, executive produced and starred in ABC’s ‘My Wife and Kids,’ which ran on ABC for five seasons from 2001-05.”

The father-son duo acted beside each other in Wayans Jr.’s previous sitcom project in 2018, titled “Happy Together.” Wayans Sr. joined his son in the fifth episode “Like Father, Like Son” and gave fans a little preview on what working together looked like. 

After news broke surrounding the father-son collaboration, fans all over shared excitement for this upcoming project. 

“Oh I’m hype for this, I’m weak already!”

“One thing about the Wayans family, they put each other on successfully over the years”


“This sounds like a powerhouse sitcom in the making”


The Wayans family is a legendary assembly of comedians who have positively changed the comedy game. Their early ’90s hit sketch comedy show “In Living Color” not only broke barriers in Hollywood, but also put numerous big named stars on, such as Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez and Jamie Foxx. 

In early 2000s, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Keenan Ivory Wayans shifted the scary comedy spectrum and created the “Scary Movie” franchise that became a box-office hit, making $278 million worldwide off a $19 million production budget. 

The Wayans family has been in the game for a very long time; seeing past generations working with new generations on a comedic project has people stoked and ready to tune in.

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