‘Let’s Stop the Cap’: Tia Mowry’s Latest Instagram Post About Wanting Attention Has Fans Telling Her to Rethink Her Separation from Cory Hardrict

Actress Tia Mowry is focusing on reclaiming her happiness amid her filing for divorce from her husband, actor Cory Hardrict. The “Sister, Sister” star’s latest cryptic social media post left fans gushing over the new journey. In turn, the post garnered the “All American” star more criticism for what fans see as his not appreciating a good thing while he had it. 

It all started over the weekend when the 44-year-old took to her Instagram Stories where she shared a quote from the popular blog page Third Eye Thoughts that read, “You look happier since you decided to let people lost you instead of begging them to choose you.”

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and her husband Cory Hardrict wearing ’30s inspired fashion during their date night. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

The post was quickly captured by gossip sites that reshared the snap, prompting fans and critics alike to react. Several fans noted a particular change in Tia since the veteran star announced her plans for divorce earlier this month, including one user who wrote, “I can literally see the shift in her spirit, and all this time you could see her shrinking in his presence.”

That person added, “I am absolutely convinced that she is much happier now after begging this man for years to be what she needed.” Another person wrote, “Absolutely. The glow is just so different.”

Elsewhere, critics have taken notice of Tia’s online behavior since she dropped the news of their marriage, including one person who wrote, “If you not gone tell us what happened…. Please stop throwing shade.. we dk what you’re talking about…”  Another added, “I love Tia but something tells me Corey wasn’t the problem…..”

A fourth person commented, “Ohhh so corey didn’t give enough attention that you wanted so you divorce him instead of getting therapy ?”

“People be saying this and still be hoping for a phone call. Let’s stop the cap we all been there before,” added a fifth. 

As previously reported, Tia revealed online that she had filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court after 14 years of marriage. She and her husband were together for a total of 22 years, 14 of those in marriage, and share two children, a son Cree and a daughter Cairo. 

On social media, she posted a message telling fans that she and Cory would remain best friends as they begin their co-parenting journey.

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