‘Let’s Not Forget to Add a Little Body Roll’: Gabrielle Union Gives Fans an Eyeful When She Flashes Them While Doing the ‘Cuff It’ Dance Challenge

Beyoncé’s “Cuff It” dance challenge has just about everybody swaying their hips, clapping and grooving across social media; this includes Gabrielle Union

Via a video posted to Instagram, the actress joined in on the current trend. In it, Union is seen cycling through a handful of outfits as she does the popular dance craze. “When you have 5 hair and wardrobe changes in a couple hours and you are counting down the hours until you see your man #cuffit #cuffingseason #SpringTwists #protectivestyles,” she captioned the post.

Gabrielle Union joined in on the social media craze, the “Cuff It” dance challenge. Photo: Gabunion/Instagram

In the seconds’-long clip, Union gave her fans more than an eyeful of her trendy mini skirt and moto jacket, pencil skirt and blouses and oversized blazers. One of the most notable moments, that you can miss in the blink of an eye, occurs when Union casually flashes fans, showing off her nude-colored bra.

“When you flashed us. Definitely something I would do,” wrote one person. Others simply commented, “[heart emoji]…wait a minute did we just get flashed?” and “Not the quick flash!”

The “Cheaper By The Dozen” actress was also applauded for her execution of the popular, yet simple dance moves. In past posts, Union has referred to herself as a bit rhythmically challenged. 

“Yassss. The quick change Pros! And let’s not forget to add a little body roll while we are at it! Lol” and “Make more videos like this one your moves are fantastic,” read just two of the messages complimenting Union’s dance skills. 

Other fans, however, found themselves captivated by the actress’ appearance. More than a few said she resembled a music superstar. “You look like the young Janet Jackson here,” read a comment. A second social media user commented, “Got you looking like Janet!!” A third added, “Why gabby look like Janet Jackson in some of the videos?”

While it was obvious Union was on set, it was not clear exactly what project on which she is currently working. However, fans are certain that it must be one of her two popular TV shows

“Please tell me that’s MARY JANE!!”

“Let me guess, we are expecting another season of ‘LA finest.’”

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