‘That Baby Is Dipping and Everything!’: Fans React After Floyd Mayweather Shares a Video of His 1-Year-Old Grandson Boxing

It appears that Floyd Mayweather‘s legacy as one of the greatest boxers could be upheld by his grandson Kentrell Gaulden Jr. after the mogul uploaded a video of the 1-year-old showing off his boxing skills.

Gaulden is the son of Iyanna Mayweather and rapper Kentrell “NBA Young Boy” Gaulden. In an Instagram post shared on Oct. 17, Gaulden, who was wearing what appeared to be pajamas and socks, sparred with an inflatable toy as Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” played in the background.

Floyd Mayweather shares a video of his grandson Kentrell Gaulden Jr. showing off his boxing skills and fans are impressed. Photo:@floydmayweather/Instagram

In addition to the sparring, Gaulden was seen doing various gestures, such as bobbing and weaving, before landing a few punches.

Mayweather expressed his pride in his grandson by writing the caption, “My grandson is only 1 years old! You already know music and fighting is in his blood.”

As fans viewed the recording, many brought up how amazed they were by Gaulden’s boxing skills at such a young age. A handful of individuals claimed they weren’t surprised that the toddler inherited Mayweather’s boxing skills because it’s in his bloodline.

“@floydmayweather yo money his defense is awesome. Plus he’s throwing the punches sharp. He’s really watching you. Music and money is definitely in his blood.”

“We know he’s going to be a star his blood too deep‼️”

“Omg so incredibly cute! it’s literally in his DNA.”

“The fact that he was using his defense more then offense will show he’s already a skilled fighter.”

“He already got hands, future boxer in the making so adorable.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up Gaulden’s gestures. While pointing out that Gaulden appears to be paying attention to Mayweather’s skills, one wrote, “I’m ctfu! That baby is dipping and everything! He be paying attention!”

Another said, “THE CUTEST BOB AND WEAVE!!!!!”

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