‘Making Death Threats Against a Baby Is a New Low’: Mother of One of Nick Cannon’s Children Claps Back at Trolls Who Have Allegedly Sent Their Newborn Daughter Death Threats

Photographer Lanisha Cole recently went on Instagram and bashed those who allegedly have been making death threats toward her one-month old baby, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, whom she shares with comedian Nick Cannon

The former “Price Is Right” model uploaded onto her Instagram story: “Making death threats against a baby is a new low. Some of you guys are disgusting.”

She continued in calling out trolls, “Regardless of how you feel about my life it’s never that deep to threaten my baby.” 

In addition to her first post, Cole uploaded a second that read, “People say the craziest things to me sometimes but I’ll continue to stay positive. I’m focused on my daughter and my work… my 2 top priorities.”

Letting trolls know she is unfazed by their comments, she ended her mini rant with, “Anywho let me get back to celebrating my baby’s one month and our documentary making into Panamanian film festival. So much to be grateful for.”

Cole and Cannon recently celebrated their daughter’s one-month anniversary; the 42-year-old actor uploaded a photo of his baby girl in celebration of her marking her first month. 

Their newborn can be seen lying on what looked like a large cushion as a single finger of Cannon’s was seen holding up a large, tilted crown on the baby’s head.


“It’s my job to never let your crown fall!” 

On Oct. 17, the two witnessed a baby spiritual baby dedication for their daughter. Cannon posted several photos of the event to his Instagram page. 


“Such a beautiful Sunday! Onyx Ice Cole Cannon as dedicated to Yahweh today!! Romans 8:31 “If God Be For Us, who can be against us!” [Prayer hands] [Red heart].”

When announcing his daughter’s arrival, Cannon urged critics to direct any hateful comments surrounding him and Cole’s choice of procreating together toward him due to his not being “easily triggered.”

Cannon’s plea, as seen from Cole’s post, didn’t stop all from spewing hateful comments.

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