‘All His Songs are Samples Or Remakes of His Dad’s’: Christian Combs Faces Backlash After Slamming Claims His Career was ‘Bought’ By His Father Diddy

In an interview with TMZ, Christian “King” Combs is letting everyone know he’s earned his place in hip-hop and is taking over his father’s Bad Boy’s hip-hop territory. 

Due to Diddy’s focus leaning more into the R&B lane, the “Can’t Stop, Wont Stop” rapper told TMZ he’ll gladly step up to the plate and take over. 

Christian “King” Combs (L) Sean “Diddy” Combs (L) @kingcombs/Instagram

“We taking over listen, Cant Stop Wont Stop Bad Boy. We got the song of the summer right now, number one song.”

He continued, “Pops got R&B, I got hip hop.”

Before Combs’ interview came to a close, the 24-year-old smoothly clapped back at naysayers who believed the young artist’s career has been successful only because of who his father is. 

“Yeah you know it’s earned not given. You know we gonna prove it, proof is in the pudding.”

Although Combs believes he has rightfully earned his place in hip-hop, many fans begged to differ. It wasn’t long before TMZ’s interview hit social media where fans compared Combs’ work to his father’s songs in the ’90s. 

“He has no creative voice of his own though. All of his songs are samples or remakes of his dad’s”

“Sir, every song you use is a sample of your dad’s stop it. He wouldn’t have cleared those for anyone else. The privilege wanna be unprivileged so bad”

“His whole career is built on cosplaying as his father. Diddy still out here being Diddy, we don’t need a 2.0”

Combs’ summer hit “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” that featured Kodak Black paid homage to his father’s infamous phrase as well as sampled ’90s rappers Lil Cease and Lil Kim’s epic hit, “Crush On You,” which was originally sampled from The Jeff Labor Fushion’s ’70s hit song “Rain Dance.” 

The hit awarded Combs with a chance to perform his song during the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In 2020, Combs collaborated with singer and fashion icon Teyana Taylor on her smash hit “How You Want It? (HYWI),” which was co-written by Diddy.

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