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‘She Decided to Attack Holly Robinson Peete’: Folks Race to Holly Robinson Peete’s Defense After Comedian Sarah Silverman Tried to Call Her Out for Not Chastising Kanye West More Harshly Over Comment He Made About Jews

Kanye Wests latest remarks have caused controversy on social media and now comedian Sarah Silverman has been drug into the mix for calling out the beloved Holly Robinson Peete. But Black Twitter is not having any of it.

Over the weekend, Twitter suspended the Yeezy CEO’s account for making anti-semitism comments. In a since-deleted tweet, he wrote, “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.”

Silverman criticized Ye in a series of tweets while calling out his fans and others who did not stand up for Jewish people. “Kanye threatened the Jews yesterday on Twitter and it’s not even trending. Why do mostly only Jews speak up against Jewish hate? The silence is so loud,” the actress wrote.

Confused fans reminded Silverman that West regularly has been condemned for his statements in the past. In response, one person wrote, “Um…I’m not sure who you follow. But black Twitter has been all over this. So it’s not mostly Jews. Please call out exactly who are silent.”

Robinson Peete chimed with the subtle comment of “That part.” Social media users believe Silverman implied the actress has been silent about Ye’s contentious statements, when she replied, “‘That part’ is all I see in your timeline about it.”

The former talk show host explained that Black Twitter and others have been at West for years over his controversial antics.

“Sis he exhausted me. I have been over this man for YEARS he lost me so many times,” she explained. “Harriet Tubman was it for me. This latest thing is about the 50/11th time he’s been offensive nonsensical and dangerous.”

The 58-year-old mom of four then touched on the public attention that has now been brought to her Twitter account. She said, “Now you got folks perusing my timeline as if this is the only platform where I express myself. Be careful when you cherry pick. It’s counterproductive My TL is filled w condemnation from people of all denominations.That’s what “that part” meant. Plus He’s been trending ALL DAY.”

Fans began digging into Silverman for her “public snarky remark” and coming at the wrong person. After many requested an apology, she said, “You’re right. I’m so sorry, Holly.”

A few came to Silverman’s defense, questioning why she should apologize for her remarks over West, who has a massive following and influence.

One user replied, “Because when someone corrected her and told her that Black Twitter has been on Kanye’s neck since he said slavery was a choice, she decided to attack Holly Robinson Peete.”

A second person said, “Because she came for black twitter when they told her they’ve been calling out Kanye’s antics for years??? I mean, she really tried to come for Holly Robinson Peete and tone police a black man but sure, tell me how you think she’s a ‘team player.'”

While condemning Ye, critics brought up Silverman’s controversial history of making racist jokes. In 2007, Silverman filmed a skit for her comedy show, “The Sarah Silverman Program,” where she appeared with black paint and white lips. During the act, she said, “I look like the beautiful Queen Latifah.”

One person said, “Sarah Silverman in black face prior to calling out Kanye for being antisemitic. Kettle meet pot.. ha.”

Another jokingly said, “Not Sarah “Black Face” Silverman begging for support from other races. Woman, you are going to HELL. leave us alone.”

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