‘It’s Giving Me Obsessed’: Ashanti Seemingly Addresses Irv Gotti’s Remarks About Their Alleged Affair In the Remix to ‘Gotta Move On’

Ashanti finally released a response to the salacious claims music executive Irv Gotti made about the two having a relationship in the past. 

At one point, Gotti had social media in a bit of a chokehold after he appeared on the “Drink Champs” podcast, where he declared he used to be in love with the former Murder Inc. princess. “I can get past you [Ashanti] wanting to be with Nelly..Listen, at the time, when it happens, any man, it hurts [when] the chick you f-king are in love with his n-gga,” Gotti said during the interview that premiered in August.

In his five-part docuseries, “The Murder Inc. Story,” Gotti divulged even more details about his alleged affair with the “Happy” singer. In one episode, he claimed, “She used to wear these Juicy sweats and her a– was looking fat. So one day I was like ‘Yo, I’ll  take you home.’ She said ‘Bet, cool.’ Walk her to the front door of her crib. She turns to say goodbye. I just kissed her and grabbed her a– … It was like ‘What took you so long?’ ”

Now in a remix to Diddy’s latest record, “Gotta Move On,” the songwriter finally has addressed Gotti’s remarks. “It’s giving me obsessed/ It’s giving you stressed/ It’s giving you pressed/ It’s giving this ni—ga missing the best, but it’s been 20 years please cry less, we can see you and your tears,” she sang on the track. While the remix is sure to spark another wave of online discussions about Ashanti and Gotti’s past, reactions are currently mixed.

“This ain’t about them having a sexual relationship. There’s no disputing that. It’s about his inability to move on and linking it solely to business,” wrote one person.

“Its giving….stick to one story sis…you just said there was no relationship or ‘thing’ between y’all (we knew better) but still,” wrote another.

And a third commented, “I’m glad she fighting back because whew he was dragging it from one side only.”

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