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‘He’s Married, Seems to be Healthy’: Angie Martinez Shares How Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada Helped Her Find Her Father After Believing He Passed Away from a Drug Addiction  

Radio personality, rapper and actress Angie Martinez recently opened up about how Evelyn Lozada helped her find her biological father after believing he succumbed to his drug addiction years ago.

This admission occurred on Oct. 5 during a new episode of the 51-year-old’s “In Real Life” podcast with guest Kelly Rowland. In the show, Rowland talked about reconnecting with her biological father as an adult, which led to Martinez of New York’s Power 105.1 FM sharing her own story.

On the 13:09 mark of the interview, Martinez says that Lozada offered to help her find her father following a 2019 interview where the former reality star shared details about her experience after reconnecting with her grandfather.

She said, “A couple of years ago, I interviewed Evelyn Lozada on my radio show. She had just been reunited with her grandfather. She was like, ‘Do you have anybody in your family that…I have this guy he finds anybody.’ I was like, ‘no.’ I said ‘Well, I haven’t seen my father since 10 but I believe he’s passed. I’ve heard from people that grew up in the neighborhood with him, and he had drug problems.'”

Martinez continued, “It made sense to me because I was 10, he was on drugs; he must be dead right. She was like ‘Well wouldn’t you like to at least see a picture?’ I said ‘sure, I would like to see. I guess so if you one okay whatever.

Martinez expressed despite Lozada’s help, she was a bit reluctant because the radio host had previously tried to find her father but came up empty-handed. Martinez disclosed that two days after that conversation with Lozada, the former reality star contacted her and sent a photo of a man that was believed to be her father.

She said, “Two days later, I get a picture from Evelyn Lozada of a picture of a man and she says ‘Could this guy be your father?’ I was like, ‘holy s–t, that is absolutely my father.’ He is not dead. He does not appear to be on drugs. He’s like in shape, healthy. He’s living outside of Chicago. He’s married, seems to be healthy. He’s a member of a church now.”

Further in the conversation, Martinez expressed that although Lozada provided her with all this information in 2019, she didn’t immediately contact him because she was healing from what she described was a bad car accident.

She said, “I had a car accident, so then I was just busy on recovery I’m trying to get better. I forgot all about it.” Martinez shared that the thought of contacting her father entered her mind once again in 2020 after she realized she was getting inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. The event took place in Chicago.

Martinez said, “I was getting inducted in the Radio Hall of Fame, so I was going to Chicago for that. I was like I’m going to be in Chicago. Maybe this will be a good time.” Martinez’s story added that a private investigator who helped find her father advised her to be cautious because, in some cases, many individuals aren’t very welcoming.

“So the private investigator tells me are you sure you want to call yourself because people respond differently… In my mind, I was like he’s going to be so happy that I am reaching out that I found him.”

After revealing her feelings towards the situation, Martinez disclosed that her father called and shared that he wasn’t open to having a relationship with her. While becoming emotional, she said, “So he called. The wife knew nothing of my existence. She didn’t even know he had a child and I’ll just say he wasn’t openly receptive to connecting.”

Toward the end of the segment, Martinez explained that her father’s rejection shifted how she treated others in her life.

The mother of one revealed she became overly judgmental of people in general but quickly got away from that type behavior after she realized that the previous way she lived by offering grace to individuals was the best way to live.

She said, “It shifted something in me for a minute, and I think it was not good. The same I say I always have grace for people. I started being like all of sudden super judgmentally about people… I have worked on it. I feel like I’m on the other side of that now. I do realize the original way that I have always lived my life was actually the better way to be.”

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