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‘Period’: Steve Harvey Calls Wife Marjorie ‘the Baddest Chick In the Game’ After She Shares Photos from Paris Fashion Week  

**Marjorie Harvey Stuns at Paris Fashion Week In This Fuchsia Number and Husband Steve Harvey Calls His Wife ‘the Baddest Chick In the Game’

**Marjorie Harvey Keeps Her Husband Steve Harvey on His Toes As She Shows Off Her Look for Paris Fashion Week, TV/Radio Host Calls Her ‘the Baddest Chick In the Game’

Majorie Harvey made her triumphant return to Instagram on Oct. 2 by showcasing the attire she rocked during Paris Fashion Week following a brief social media break. 

Paris Fashion Week runs from Sept. 26 to Oct. 4. In the post, Marjorie — who attended the Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2023 Womenswear Show alongside her daughter Lori Harvey —was captured doing several poses as she wore the designer’s fuchsia piece. The outfit consisted of high-waisted pants, heels and a feathered jacket.

The 57-year-old accessorized the ensemble with sunglasses and a fuchsia Birkin purse. As for hair and makeup, Marjorie kept it fairly simple by sporting a full face with her slicked-back tresses.

In addition to the photos, Marjorie wrote the caption, “Paris Fashion week with @maisonvalentino.” Following the upload, Marjorie’s husband Steve Harvey expressed that he considers her to be the “baddest chick in the game.”

He wrote, “The baddest chick in the Game period.” Many fans would ultimately follow suit by praising Marjorie in the comments section. The remarks consisted of many complimenting Marjorie’s style.

“Marjorie’s step out is unmatched. As Libras, we all humbly recognize.”

“You are giving me LIFE.”

“The best of the season!! Stunning!!! Show them how it’s done, Majorie!!”

“Chilllllle we was not ready for this (heart eyed emoji) you are BAD Mrs. Harvey!!!!!!”

“Okurr you better come through Mrs. Harvey.”

The following day, Marjorie uploaded a video showcasing her fierce strut as she appeared to be leaving for the event. She wrote the caption “Pulled up.” As Marjorie’s followers viewed the recording, several individuals mentioned that she always has a camera crew on deck. despite any event.

One wrote, “This lady always having hired camera and film crew following her. Lol.”Another said, “She got a videographer videoing and photographer capturing this lewk!!”

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