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‘He Ain’t Been the Same Since Jada’: August Alsina Shares New Look, Nude Bathroom Pic and Fans Aren’t Impressed 

August Alsina has been making headlines recently for multiple reasons.

The list includes the singer’s physical altercation with Tory Lanez over a past comment he made about the 30-year-old’s entanglement with actress Jada Pinkett Smith and his new look.

In an Instagram post shared on Sept. 28, the “No Love” vocalist, who was in what appears to be his shower, was seen doing various poses in order to promote a product from his skin-care line called Encina Wellness.

In the first photo, a nude Alsina gave fans a brief view of the product he used while showing off his toned physique. The second image featured Alsina flaunting his glowing skin in the midst of taking a shower. 

In addition to the post, Alsina wrote the caption, “Sailing the soul w/ @encinawellness was so fye.” As the photos circulated online, many brought up Jada Pinkett Smith and how the pair’s entanglement has visibly changed Alsina’s appearance. A couple of individuals even claimed that Alsina was starting to resemble the actress physically.

“Jada did this! Traumatized him to the point he changed his whole face.”

“He ain’t been the same since Jada.”

“Everytime I look at him and tilt my head to the side I see Jada.”

“He ain’t been right since Jada put that thing on him.”

“He starting to look like Jada.”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned how unrecognizable Alsina looked in the images. One wrote, “Who is this?????” Another said, “(Shocked face emoji) That’s not August.” A third social media user posted, “Wtf happen to him? He have a new face every season YALL.”

On the early morning of Sept. 29, following the comments on his viral post, Alsina decided to address a Twitter user that pointed out how visibly different the singer appeared in his photos.

He wrote, “August Alsina feels the same way. Every time he wakes up, he’s a new shape shift esthetically & spiritually. He somehow thinks this is connected to the effect of how the body he’s in processes massive trauma, deals w/ the massive shadow and dreadfully fight to turn it n’to light.”

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