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‘Oh You Are About to Have FUNNNN’: Jordyn Shuts Down the Internet with Nude Birthday Photo Shoot

Social media socialite Jordyn Woods is heating up the internet again after sharing some very revealing snaps from a recent birthday photo shoot. 

In the “Birth of Venus”-inspired photos, Woods is wearing only a pair of earrings and a matching diamond necklace. Careful not to bare too much, the 25-year-old covered herself with her hands as she stood inside a giant shell, wind seemingly blowing in her hair. She also included a gallery showing the original Botticelli painting.

“For some reason turning 25 feels different that any other birthday I’ve had. Over the past decade of my life I’ve endured and dealt with a lot mentally and privately,” she captioned the photo. “I’ve taken the time to put in the work, to learn, grow, and heal. With that being said, this chapter of my life that’s coming is going to be the best one!”

She explained why she chose the Sandro Botticelli reference, citing, “It practically embodies the rebirth of civilization and a new hope.” 

Fans quickly ran to the comments section, where they reacted to the post, but it wasn’t long before the Instagram model added restriction guidelines. However, that didn’t stop her supporters from praising her daring look.

“Oh you are about to have FUNNNN sis,” wrote one fan. “This is the age where you REALLY stop giving a ?$%k and TRULY live authentically in your skin without a care in the world. I’m sad that I’ll be 26 in January. I don’t want this age to end.”

Another person commented, “I love it. It’s very sexy Happiest Birthday Ever!!!! Wishing you many more.” “Except Venus wasn’t that attractive and huntyyyyyyyyuyh you are out here slaying in these streets!!!” commented a third person. “25 was my Fav age, keep doing it big beautiful. 

During a conversation with E!, Woods admitted that “25 is a bittersweet age” but shared, “I’m very lucky and blessed to make it here, but I’m officially not the youngest person in the room. My little sister has me beat.” The star said she was happy to be able to “rent a car now, not that it really matters. It’s cool though,” she added. 

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