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‘I’m So Happy You and Monica are Friends Again’: Fans Fawn Over Ciara’s Friendship Post with Monica and Vanessa Bryant Following Past Beef 

Ciara took to Instagram on Aug. 29 to inform her followers that she had an eventful weekend spending quality time with her best friends Monica and Vanessa Bryant

This post comes days after both singers were praised for supporting Vanessa and her family as they all attended court for the trial over the 40-year-old’s late husband Kobe Bryant and their daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant’s crash-site photos. The case ended with Vanessa being awarded with $15 million in damages. 

In the post, the three women were seen having a discussion at an undisclosed location when Vanessa began recording a video. 

Although the video didn’t clearly provide details regarding the conversation’s context, Vanessa could have been discussing the size of her breasts. She starts the upload by saying, “Yeah, exactly, look at this s–t.” 

When Monica caught wind of what was happening, the “So Gone” vocalist jumped in and said, as she pointed at Vanessa’s chest, “This is the life.”

Monica added, “That’s what I need. That’s the one thing God didn’t give me.” As the pair continues their discussion, Ciara begins singing Tony Toni Tone’s song, “lay your head on my pillow.” She quickly changed part of the lyric from pillow to the word “pillows.”

The clip ends with all three women smiling and Monica and Ciara singing, “lay your head on my pillow and just relax.”

In addition to the clip, Ciara wrote the caption, “Pillow Talk. @VanessaBryant @MonicaDenise.” Following the post, Monica expressed how much she loved her girls by writing in the comments section, “I Love y’all @ciara 4L.”

As fans viewed the video, many expressed how beautiful the sisterhood between the three women is. Several individuals also pointed out how happy they were to see Ciara and Monica being a “strong support system” for Vanessa following the tragic passing of her husband and daughter in a helicopter crash in 2020.

“I am so happy how y’all are there for Vanessa . I swear she deserve nothing but positivity.”

“Nice friends comforting Vanessa in time of need.”

“So happy to see Vanessa with a real and strong support system.”

“Sisterhood just beautiful.”

“This is friendship and it has nothing to do with money. They are genuinely enjoying each other’s company.”

Among the previous responses, others brought up that they were glad to see Ciara and Monica make up after the pair briefly fell out years ago. One wrote, “Omg! I feel the looove! Glad everyone’s back together.” Another said, “Omg I’m so happy you and Monica are friends again!”

Ciara and Monica’s past feud reportedly occurred over the “Angel of Mine” songstress’ friendship with one of Future’s exes. At the time, news outlets claimed that the said ex was the woman Future cheated on Ciara with and allegedly reunited with shortly after the pair broke up in 2014. 

Following the rumors, Monica cleared up that allegation by saying that although she is friends with the rapper’s ex, it wasn’t the one the media mentioned that caused the breakup between Future and Ciara. She ultimately shared that her riff with Ciara began over a disagreement. 

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