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‘Just When I Think that You Couldn’t be More Gorgeous’: Tracee Ellis Ross Fans Do a Double Take After She Debuts New Hairstyle Paired with Black Bra

Tracee Ellis Ross‘ hair became a hot commodity on Sept. 21 after the actress switched up her natural curls by getting knotless box braids.

Although details surrounding Ross’ new look are unknown, the 49-year-old caught fans by surprise after showcasing the braids in a black and white video. In the Instagram post, Ross, who wore a black bra, was seen shaking her head from side to side as she jammed along to Beyoncé’s track “Cozy.”

The lyrics — which talked about self-love — that Ross played in her video as she danced in what appeared to be her home were, “Might I suggest you don’t f-ck with my sis cause she comfortable. Comfortable in my skin cozy with who I am. Comfortable in my skin cozy, cozy. Comfortable in my skin. Feet up above your sins. I love myself, goddamn cozy, cozy.”

In addition to the upload, Ross wrote the caption, “COZY.” As fans viewed the recording, many expressed how much they loved the “black-ish” star’s new look. One social media user even went as far as to point out how youthful Ross looked with the braids. 

“Awwwwww s–t she done got the braids!”

“Words cannot express how beautiful this audio and visual is…”

“Just when I think that you couldn’t be more gorgeous you do something like this.”

“Okay I love your new look, super beautiful Ms. Ross.”

“Wow you look so young @traceeellisross like you’re in your twenties in college I love the look.”

Among the previous remarks, others praised Ross for her self-love video. One wrote, “Self love- I love it.”

While bringing up the ways Ross’ exuded confidence in the past, another stated, “Yes!!! We need more of our women to love their self!!! Love you’re always looking at the camera and NOT over your shoulders..”

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