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‘I’ll Wait for the Right Person’: Tracee Ellis Ross Opens Up About Getting Married as Her 50th Birthday Quickly Approaches

With Tracee Ellis Ross‘ 50th birthday a little more than a month away, the actress opened up about a couple of goals she still plans to accomplish.

The list included settling down and getting married. Ross’ admission occurred during an interview with Extra as she attended Disney’s D23 Expo event. The “black-ish” star, her cast member Anthony Anderson, and many others were honored with Legends Awards on Sept. 9.

While discussing her upcoming milestone birthday, Ross joked about how ageless she looked. A smiling Ross says as she poses, “I don’t look a day over 50.” When asked about her tips for maintaining a youthful appearance, the “Girlfriends” star shared that drinking enough of “water and lots of laughter” are her anti-aging secrets.

As the conversation shifted to Ross’ plans and bucket list, she explained that because she would just be turning 50 on Oct. 29, she is unsure what’s next. Ross added that despite not knowing her future aspirations, she hopes to do an action movie — among many other projects — write a book, and get married.

“I mean, I would love to get married, I’d love to write a book, I’d love to do an action movie, I’d love to keep doing movies.”

As the interviewer tried to get more information on Ross’ potential suitor, the actress referenced a “wheel of lovers” quote from Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Heart” episode.

Ross said, “Where there’s a wheel of lovers. No, I talked about that on the Kevin Hart show.” Ross wrapped the conversation by informing the interviewer that she’s waiting for the right person that’s going to make her life “better.”

She said, “Who knows? I don’t know, yeah, one day. I’ll wait for the right person, somebody’s going to my life better.”

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