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‘He’s Getting So Big’: Ciara and Her Younger Son Win Have Fun Making Milkshake Mustaches 

Ciara recently tugged fans’ heartstrings after the singer was seen creating milkshake mustaches with her younger son, Win Harrison Wilson.

In the Instagram clip that was shared on Sept. 17, Wilson was captured drinking a milkshake from Chick-fil-A when Ciara asked the 2-year-old, “Do you have a milkshake mustache? Let me see.”

As a smiling Wilson showed off his mustache, Ciara then joined the toddler, per his request, by making her own mustache while taking a sip of the milkshake. As the “Jump” songstress posed with her son, she said, “Milkshake mustache.”

The video continues with the pair laughing and making funny faces. Following that particular moment, Wilson asked his mother if they could make another set of mustaches with the milkshake.

The 2-year-old said, “Do it again.” Ciara responded by saying, as Wilson drank the milkshake, “You killing it. Boy, you gon’ drink this whole thing.” During his mustache creation, Wilson discovered a cherry at the bottom of the drink, which Ciara ultimately ate. 

The video ends with both mother and son laughing and enjoying quality time with their milkshake mustaches. In addition to the upload, Ciara wrote the caption, “Milkshake Mustache bandits #PureJoy.”

As fans viewed the post, many expressed how much Wilson has grown while talking about the “adorable” video.

“Wow he’s so big now and adorable.”

“So cute! I miss my kids being that little They grow fast.”

“Growing up fast. So cute.”

“So cute! It seems like Winn is growing up so fast!”

“The best. He’s getting so big.”

In addition to the previous remarks, others mentioned how Wilson physically resembled his sister, Sienna Princess Wilson, and their father, Russell Wilson. One wrote, “Chile, Win and Sienna twins.”

Another said, “Whew him Sienna and Russ straight triplets!! Sheesh.” A third social media user posted, “That boy look just like his daddy.”

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