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‘It’s Giving Boss!’: Fans React to Tiny Harris and Her Daughter Heiress Creating a Mini Skating Rink In Their Home

Tiny Harris and her daughter Heiress made their own fun at home and cleared the room at home for an in-house skate experience. On Monday night, Sept. 12, the Xscape singer shared a video of the mother-daughter duo skating freely through hallways and different rooms.

Tiny wore a white top, blue sweats and blue and pink skates, while her 6-year-old wore a pink shirt and black-and-white striped shorts with matching skates.

“Skating around the house with my bestie @heiressdharris showing what her mama used to do when I was her age,” wrote Tiny in the caption. “These days kids don’t know nothing about all the fun things we did or was able to do. Mother & Daughter skate duo. Who want it?!! J/k this my 1st day back on these skates! Work in progress!”

Tiny also added the hashtags, “#InsideWitIt, #MiniSkatingRink, and #HopeDaddyDontKillUs.” She also tagged her husband, Heiress’ dad T.I., in the Instagram post. Their performance made fans bring up T.I.’s role as the skating king Rashad in the movie “ATL.”

“Where Rashad? @troubleman31?” wrote one person.

Another fan said, “It’s giving Matilda,” in reference to the 1990s film “Matilda.” Toward the end of the movie, Matilda was adopted by her teacher, who celebrated by pushing all the furniture to the side to skate on the rug.

Dozens complimented Tiny and Heiress’ skate skills, including one who said, “This is too cute & Heiress skates very well! Did you teach her?” Here’s what others had to say.

“You still got it @majorgirl.”

“This is the cutest thing ever!”

“How cute, I skate around the house with my daughter too. I think it’s a good way to warm up in the skates. I’m so rusty.”

“A good old skating. Always fun, even if it’s the drive way skating.”

“Heiress can literally do everything my grown a** can’t even skate nowhere near this good.”

Meanwhile, one individual commented on the fact that the Harris home was turned into a mini skating rink. That person wrote, “I love it! The fact that the house is a skating ring! It’s giving Boss! It’s giving Major! It’s giving memories for @heiressdharris. I love this!”

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