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‘What Is She Going to be Doing’: Fans Question Angela Simmons After the Reality Star Reveals She’s Charging People to Join Her Close Friends on Instagram 

In the past, Angela Simmons has been known to cause a commotion on social media for various posts.

The 34-year-old’s most-talked-about uploads have featured the reality star showing off her thick physique as she modeled a swimsuit and a video of her getting a full-body massage.

On Sept. 8, Simmons became a topic of conversation once again, this time for charging her followers a fee of $9.99 to be close friends with her on Instagram. Instagram Close Friends, launched in 2018, is a feature that allows individuals to create a subsection of friends and grant them access to personal stories.

Simmons’ new venture will allow her to give her followers “exclusive content” and a “behind-the-scenes” view of her life as she commemorates her birthday. 

Simmons will turn 35 on Sept. 18. Although Simmons didn’t disclose what she plans to do on her special day, she did, however inform her followers in the post that they would be viewing all the action from Sept. 16 to Sept. 20.

She wrote, “Close friends !!! Less than 48 hours more and the list will be closed link in bio Birthday Access Sept 16 thru 20th.” As the upload circulated online, many expressed how celebrities are finding new ways to profit from their fans. 

“I’m here for it. I won’t be joining, but I’m here for it. Make that money don’t let it make you!”

“Celebs be making a killing off of y’all damn why can’t y’all support ya friends the same way.”

“People love wasting money on dumb stuff like being creepy weirdo fans. It’s crazy that there is even a market for this.”

“Celebrities just be capitalizing the hell outta y’all and for nothing at that and she already be half naked so the fantasy ain’t there.”

Among the previous remarks, others questioned Simmons’ motives behind her new venture. While asking what content would be provided, one wrote, “Tf she doing in there throwing a– in a circle for Jesus.”

Another said, “And what is SHE going to be doing?”

No additional information has been made available.

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