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‘U Gone Talk About Yo Child’s Mother to the Whole World’: Tyrese’s Message About Love and Relationships Falls Flat with Fans After He Speaks on Divorce

Tyrese Gibson and his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, have been separated since December 2020, when the R&B singer publicly announced their split on Instagram. The couple, which wed in February 2017, recently went through a divorce, in which Gibson was ordered to pay $10,690 in monthly child support for their daughter, Soraya. Now that everyone has signed the paperwork, the “How U Gonna Act Like That” singer is hitting back hard.

“Samantha nah…… I can finally speak on it and I tell no lies ’cause I don’t have to,” Gibson captioned a nearly 30-minute Instagram video. About six minutes in, he begins verbally attacking Samantha and her mother, Patricia Randolph, for contributing to the destruction of their marriage.

“Her mama got in her head,” he said. “And it’s expected of someone who’s been divorced four times to be having these negative, toxic, dysfunctional conversations and trying to poison the magic and the dynamic of the sanctuary of our marriage.”

Gibson says he doesn’t blame her mother, but he pointed out her and anyone else who might have spoken against their union. “It takes two to tango. Yo mama, yo daddy, yo whoever could be all in your ear talking s–t about your husband every day and it takes you to listen to it and takes you to believe it,” he said. “And it also takes you to see things through the lens that yo mama wants you to see things through.”

The 43-year-old added that as adults, people might choose to listen to others’ opinions such as: ‘Why you with him? Why he ain’t never home? Girl I would never let nobody treat me and talk to me like that.’ “

Tyrese’s message about love and relationships began to derail when he pointed out that people only talk about your relationship because they “want your life.”

He said, “Everybody got some s–t to say about your relationship about your marriage but they would take your man in a f—ing minute. They would take your man in a hop skippity jumpity minute. They talking s–t about your life but they actually want your life.”

Fans in the comments had mixed reviews about Gibson’s remarks. A handful applauded him for speaking his truth; however, some objected to his airing his marital problems on social media. Many were shocked watching it unfold, while others told him to let it out in a song.

“I applaud you for telling your side. Too often, many hear one side and run with it creating narrative. Be blessed. Love and light.”

“Tell your truth. No one can tell your story like you.”

“U gone talk about yo child’s mother to the whole world because u can cap off controversy? Wow!!! Ic why not was sacred)).”

“So What, why you come on here to tell all your business? Keep it private, this is stuff none of us need to know. Dang you used to be attractive. Now you sound like a cry baby.”

“Get in the booth!!!”

In reference to Gibson’s claim that Samantha left him because he went to film two music videos, one person said, “If you think she left because you shot 2 music videos, you’re in denial. Get counseling and get to the root of your issues. Not saying it was you or it was her, it may have been both but it’s unhealthy to live in a lie while ignoring the truth.”

Yet a few fans said they could relate to Gibson and agreed that people with different circumstances have different life experiences. One person said, “I agree….I separate myself from unmarried groups of women. I can’t relate to the conversations they have. I luv them but I don’t belong in their group.”

Another said, “You so right. I wouldn’t be married if I listened to my parents or some friends.”

This is Gibson’s second divorce. He shares a teenage daughter with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, whom he was married to from 2007 to 2009. Some say Gibson wants that old thing back since his actions to them show he may not be focusing on his present relationship with social media influencer Zelie Timothy. Gibson and Timothy have been dating since March 2021, and had a public break-up on social media this summer. They’ve since gotten back together to rekindle their romance.

“You must miss her. I thought you had another girlfriend, Zelie. What happen to her??? Cause ain’t no way you on social media and reminiscing about your ex-wife and we together?” wrote one person. “Why is she even a thought…?”

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