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‘Mannnn Let Her Do Her Voices if She Wants’: Tracee Ellis Ross Fans Crack Up at Kevin Hart’s Reaction to Her Explanation of Being Single 

Tracee Ellis Ross recently opened up during an interview with Kevin Hart up about why she is no rush to be in a committed relationship.

In Hart’s Peacock series titled “Hart to Heart,” the actress shared that despite being successful in other aspects of her life, she is unwilling to settle for any relationship.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Kevin Hart
Tracee Ellis Ross and Kevin Hart (Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram) (Photo:@kevinhart4real/Instagram)

In the episode, which aired last month and was promoted on Ross’ Instagram page on Aug. 16, she said, “I would love a relationship that makes my life better than it is. I have no interest in just being in a relationship to be in a relationship.”

Things took a turn when Ross changed the tone of her voice and transformed into a character when discussing how she would be satisfied being with “a wheel of lovers.” She said, “I could have a wheel of lovers. Do you know what I mean?”

Following Ross’ response, the comedian asked her to stop playing in character while trying to figure out who she was portraying. Ross said in return, “I take what I like and I leave the rest. I say thank you and goodbye.”

As Ross continues to play in character, an annoyed Hart suggests that the 49-year-old could still be single due to her character transformations. Hart went as far as claiming that Ross’s character sounds like they are in a jazz bar.

As Ross snaps her fingers, Hart says, “You’re not a jazz bar …That’s why you are not meeting him because you keep going to the jazz bar.” Ross then debunked Hart’s opinion by saying her role-playing did catch an eye of a suitor when she attended an actual jazz bar.

When the clip circulated online, many brought up how much they enjoyed Ross’ character despite it irritating Hart. One individual even applauded the “black-ish” star for continuing her role play when Hart asked her to stop.

“Why is he policing your characters?! Bring all the characters!! Scare @kevinhart4real with your characters!”

“So silly love the jazz voice character.”

“Mannnn let her do her voices if she wants.”

“Thank you for talking over him when he told you to stop. “That’s why you’re not meeting them”??? Jazz voice at will!”

Among the previous remarks, a social media user claimed that Ross’ approach to creating characters when meeting potential suitors is what keeps her entertained and not settling for what comes her way.

That person wrote, “Kevin is still missing the point. The goal us not to meet a guy. The goal is to be happy. I would really get exhausted with having to convince the world of this. I love Tracee because she’s so patient. Just snapping through it.”

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