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‘We Rooting for Y’all’: Fans React After Reginae Carter Shares Details About Her Relationship with YouTuber Armon Warren

Reginae Carter briefly opened up about her current relationship status with rumored boo Armon Warren during a recent interview with Cam Newton.

Carter and Warren have been sparking dating rumors since August after a video of the pair hanging out went viral. In the clip, Warren was seen complimenting Carter’s ensemble and her sense of fashion in general.

On Sept. 2, on Newton’s podcast titled “Funky Friday,” Carter disclosed on mark 22:23 that despite the commotion surrounding the dating allegations, she and Warren are just causally dating.

When Newton asked if she was in a relationship, the model said, “I am dating. I wouldn’t say I am in a relationship.”

As the conversation continued, Carter brought up specific qualities that Warren has. She said while laughing, “I am dating someone that I really enjoy spending time with, and we vibe. He’s showing me different — He’s a gentleman. He’s very — I don’t want to go on too much.”

When Newton caught an excited Carter beginning to blush, he jumped in and said, “The butterflies here. The butterflies came.”

At the end of the segment, the 23-year-old continued to rave over Warren and tried to put the dating rumors to rest by calling the singer a “friend.” Carter said, “But he’s cool though. He’s really chill and he’s a friend. We have a friendship, but we go on dates.”

As Carter’s remarks began making its rounds on social media, many expressed how happy they were for her despite their relationship being in the early stages.

“Yes ma’am we rooting for y’all.”

“I’m happy for her. She needed someone like this.”

“I think she’s happy now because her last relationship made her realize how she is supposed to be treated and she gets that from him. I’m happy for them & hope it lasts!!!”

“This is how it should be! If they make you genuinely happy, be proud about it, gush over them! Love to see it.”

“I love this for her it seems real and genuine.”

Prior to Warren, Carter dated rapper YFN Lucci from 2018 to 2021.

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