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‘I’m Here for You’: 50 Cent Throws Shots at Rapper, The Game, After Winning Three Emmys for the 2022 Super Bowl Half-time Performance, The Game Responds

The long-running feud between rappers 50 Cent and The Game has reignited after the recent announcement that the Pepsi-sponsored 2022 Super Bowl halftime performance, which featured performances from Hip-Hop legends 50 Cent, Dr Dre, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, received a total of three Creative Arts Emmy Awards. 

Proud of this accomplishment, 50 uploaded a photo of the Emmy award and wrote, “I just won my first Emmy award for the super bowl halftime show. LOL” 

However, the New York rapper didn’t stop there. In normal 50 Cent fashion, he began to troll his long-running nemesis The Game, who has expressed hurt in not being included in the halftime show. In a now-deleted Instagram post, 50 uploaded a photo of the Compton native and captioned it “no caption needed.”

Not long afterward, The Game fired back in a post-and-delete photo of 50 with the exact same caption along with the hashtags, “#SpicyA–N—-” #WhatYoEyeBrowDoin? #YoTieBlowingInTheWindLol” 

The internet war didn’t stop there. 50 Cent then uploaded the notable meme of himself driving away in a car with the caption, “Oh no, i’m sorry you don’t get one [trophy emoji]. Then the first 18k, if you need someone to talk to I’m here for you. LOL.”

The “In Da Club” rapper’s comment section swarmed with shots aimed at his opponent insinuating that 50 had won the argument. His fans wrote, “Game over” under the post that received over 2 million views.  

The Game was very vocal about his disappointment in not being included in the halftime show, being that it was broadcasted in Inglewood, California. In June, the rapper discussed his past hurt on the “I Am Athlete” podcast where called out 50 Cent and Eminem for not being Cali natives. 

“Snoop is an icon, Dre is an icon, Em is an icon – but Em is not from L.A., 50 is not from L.A.” he stated. 

The additional icons who performed aside 50 during the halftime performance have yet to make a statement regarding the current drama between the two men. 

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