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‘I Want Her to Have a Fashion Show So Bad Chile’: ‘RHOA’ Series Finale Clip Shows Sheree Whitfield Receiving Bad News about Her ‘SHE By Sheree’ Fashion Show

A sneak peek at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season finale has dropped and showed Sheree Whitfield’s long-awaited fashion show for her clothing line “SHE by Sheree.”

“We are here!” Whitfield said in excitement as the clip began. 

While looking at her event space — one ostensibly fit for 200 people — the 52-year-old expressed how it seemed larger than her expectations. 

“It does not seem like 200 chairs!”

Amazed by the wonderful work of her event planner, Tori, Whitfield said in her confessional that her fashion show was the “hottest ticket in town.”

“This is the hottest ticket in town. Every time I turn around someone wants to bring a plus one or wants to be added to the list that’s not even on the list!” 

However, it wouldn’t have been a real “SHE by Sheree” fashion show if some items of clothing weren’t finished. Whitfield’s excitement slowly hit a roadblock as she claimed not all of her pieces were shipped to the building or completely made. 

Whitfield’s assistant, Rawan, offered to fly “anywhere in the U.S” to get ahold of the pieces and bring them back for the fashion show. A moment of silence came upon the screen before Whitfield stated, “Well, you gonna help them finish making the stuff?”

Whitfield explained in her confessional she had only five out of 24 pieces culminated. 

“I have five pieces, I’m still waiting on 19 more, but it’s really not looking so good right now.”

Seemingly worried, Whitfield’s assistant explained how many minutes a show needs to be in order to qualify as a fashion show. 

“You think we can do at least 15, 16 minutes? ’Cause that — we could pull that off and that would be considered a fashion show. But if it’s less than that Sheree …” 

“Then it’s a preview,” the quick-witted fashion designer commented back. “And we don’t even need the runway.” 

Several viewers wanted to believe in Whitfield’s much anticipated clothing line, but think she should have made sure her clothes were in order before planning an event. 

“She moving backwards, get your clothes then have the fashion show”

“Oh Sheree baby, it’s just not in the cards for you”

“I want her to have a fashion show so bad chile it’s been years in the making”

Whitfield’s jogger line has been a talked-about dream for the past 10 years. The TV personality has discussed pushbacks she’s faced throughout this career path. 
If fans want to see how the highly anticipated “SHE by Sheree” fashion show will turn out, they can tune into the Bravo network on Sunday at 8. 

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