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‘Yall Ow K. Michelle an Apology’: Fans React to the News of Ari Fletcher’s Leased Car Being Up for Repossession After Moneybagg Yo Claimed He Bought It for Her

It looks like K. Michelle was not lying when she said Moneybagg Yo rented the Lamborghini truck he purchased for Ari Fletcher. Back in June 2020, the rapper went viral for a post about buying Fletcher a tricked-out white Lamborghini Urus with orange interior, which she talked about getting rid of last week. Around the same time, K. Michelle went viral for claiming that Moneybagg was “renting out Lambos” while on Instagram Live. But was it true?

Over the weekend, various outlets shared a copy of court documents stating Fletcher was getting sued by a car leasing company over the 2019 vehicle, which has a starting price of $200,000. According to the documents, there is a remaining balance of $159,087.36 on the gift Moneybagg supposedly presented Fletcher for her 25th birthday.

Fans began chiming in on the matter, bringing up how both Moneybagg and Fletcher previously stated that K. Michelle was lying in separate rants on Instagram Live. The model claimed the car was in her name and owned, but fans are now calling bluff, and others demand an apology for K. Michelle.

One person said, “Makes sense they trying to get their car back n u hiding it so now when they take it back u want to make it seem like u got rid of it for sum new. Nawl, sis u leasing them cars he didn’t BUY u that smh sad.”

Another tweeted, “I mean K. Michelle did say the vehicle was leased when she first posted it. but Ari n Moneybagg legit went on a rampage saying it was paid in full. It’s okay to lease a vehicle. But don’t act like you got it like that as if sh-t won’t resurface.”

A third person said, “Ya’ll remember when K. Michelle said Moneybagg did not really buy that car and Ari Lambo was leased (rented) and everyone called her a liar. oh my oh my. Yall ow K. Michelle an apology.”

The news of Fletcher’s repossession problems arrives days after Fletcher revealed she was “happy, paid and single” on Twitter Friday, Aug. 26. Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo began dating in 2019 following her split from boxer Gervonta Davis.

In July 2020, about a month after the ”gift” was presented, Fletcher and K. Michelle clashed after she claimed during an Instagram Live that the Lambo truck was “rented” and that the “Time Today” artist attempted to sleep with her. K. Michelle seemingly was offended to learn Moneybagg Yo charges $100,000 for a feature.

She said, ‘I’m finna go up here with Moneybagg and tell him bout his $100,000 that they finna show in his bank account today at 7 o’clock while he trying to be picking about some record when I done did sh-t with Chris Brown and everything and I turned yo ass down for some p-ssy. And you round here with $100,000 renting out Lambos.”

Later in the video, she can be heard saying, “Oh, I’m on live” and “Take the sh-t down.”

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