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‘She Is Happily Married with Two Kids, Pack It Up’: Future’s New Song Sparks Debate After Fans Infer He’s Referring to Ex-Fiancée, Ciara

Future was recently featured on a new song by rapper Real Boston Richey titled “Bullseye 2,” and fans noticed a quick line that is speculated to be about his ex-fiancée, Ciara

The Atlanta native hopped on the beat to say his verse, “Still smash on C,” which caused fans to infer that he was referencing his ex of nearly nine years, Ciara.

Different blog sites got ahold of the video and quickly uploaded it onto their pages, where viewers had plenty to say about Future’s lyrics and who they believed he was talking about. 

“He still love her and wish he did things differently and they was together and it shows bad”

“Bro, she is happily married with two more kids, pack it tf up”

“It’s time to start shaming men for the bitterness and their inability to move on. You have 8 other baby mommas to talk about. Is this the only one that makes you relevant?”

While many fans linked Ciara to Future’s bar, a few fans found it ludicrous to associate her with his rap when there are other references that could have been implied. 

“Future has so many b—- to the point y’all still think he talking about Ciara”

“Man not gonna be able to say C without people automatically thinking it’s Ciara, Y’all reaching to the gods with this one”

“How tf y’all know he talking about her? He didn’t even say her d— name. Lol” 

This isn’t the first song fans have theorized to be about the female singer/dancer. In July, the acclaimed “Toxic King” dropped a music video for his song “Love You Better” off his newest album, “I Never Liked You.” In the video, “P-Valley” actress Shannon Thorton played Future’s love interest, a role some fans assumed represented Ciara. 

While Hendrix has not come forward to clarify who the inspiration was behind his lyrics, fans already have forced a common conjecture.  

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