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‘Give Me Your Phone’: Reginae Carter Takes on the Emoji Word Challenge and Fans Are Left In Tears Following Her Attempt to Act

In the past, Reginae Carter has wowed fans with her acting abilities by recreating a scene from the hit Starz series “Power Book II: Ghost” and her work on various projects. 

On Aug. 20 it appeared that the 23-year-old wanted to showcase her acting range by participating in the emoji word challenge. The trend, which recently went viral on social media platforms, involves an individual saying a word or phrase in a style that embodies an emoji that is displayed on the screen. 

Carter starts the video by doing her best impression of the phrase “You need to relax.” The model was able to act out the first two emojis before switching to another sentence. The list included the crying face and cold face emoji. 

When trying to do the “I’m hungry” phrase, Carter accomplished two of the five emojis before stumbling on how to create an impression of a horse character. Carter’s issue of being unable to act out an animal emoji continued when the “I don’t know” phrase popped on the screen. 

Toward the end of the clip, Carter finally completed the challenge when she did an impression of the “say cheese” phrase with all five emojis characters. In addition to the clip, Carter wrote the caption, “Happy Saturday Hope I made you giggle a little.”

As fans viewed the post, many expressed how hilarious it was to see Carter try to transition into each emoji character. 

“Give me your phone cause ma’am (laughing emoji).”

“Girl you got me dying laughing over here!!! This is some fried s–t I would do lol!!! Whew child…”

“You got me weak and you sober so it’s even funnier.”

“I can’t stop laughing tears are coming out my eyes.”

“You are funny Reginae.”

Among the previous remarks, others brought up Carter’s fumble with the animal emoji characters. One wrote, “These animals are whupping her a–!!” Another said, “Every time she gets to the animals, I crack up.”

A third social media user stated, “Mannn the animal parts got meee!!”

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