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‘I’m About to Do 5,000 Squats’: TLC Member Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas’ Dance Video Has Fans Wishing Their Bodies Matched Hers

Baby-Baby-Baby. Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas was out here making fans fall deeper in love with her after a recent Instagram video showed her swiftly dancing to “Down Flat” by Ghanaian singer Kelvyn Boy in what appeared to be her home gym. 

Chilli began body rolling to the lyrics as she then smoothly transitioned to foot and hand movements while the song continued. 

I'm About to Do 5,000 Squats': TLC Member Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas' Dance Video Has Fans Wishing Their Bodies Matched Hers

“You already knoooo” the 51-year-old captioned her Instagram post. The clip, which received over 300,000 plays, reached fans everywhere who were amazed by her dance moves and couldn’t take their eyes off her gym-figure body.

“Yes, you still got it queen! Love it”

“I got to get in shape, this my new goal. To be able to do this dance and not pass out”

“I’m about to do 5,000 squats so I can get me a lil onion, too” 

Kelvyn Boy even entered the former TLC member’s comments section with flower emojis, insinuating he’s giving her well-deserved recognition. 

“Beautiful song you have!” Chilli responded to Kelvyn. 

Chilli regularly turns to social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok to upload videos that show her dancing. Before this particular one, she uploaded a video of her in the same scenery, body rolling to Chris Brown’s song “Call Me Every Day.” 

In 2016, Chilli collaborated with American fitness trainer Shaun T. for a dance fitness workout video. Her song “Body” was featured in the video, which also featured Shaun T. 

When discussing the secret to how she keeps her body alive and thriving, Chilli noted the importance of staying active. 

She told Rashan Ali in 2019 on TVOne’s former “Sister Circle” show, “When you take care of yourself, eat the way we’re supposed to eat and workout whatever type of workout you like to do, you don’t get stuff. You can keep moving.” 

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