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‘Don’t Tell Me What You Would and or Wouldn’t Do: Tyrese Claps Back at Fans Who Believe He ‘Did Too Much’ By Buying His 15-Year-Old Daughter a Rolls Royce for Graduating Middle School

It looks as if actor Tyrese Gibson has grown tired of hearing people’s opinions on him gifting his 13-year-old daughter, Shayla Gibson, a Rolls Royce after missing her middle school graduation because of work commitments. The entertainer has decided to finally clap back at critics who believe he was “doing too much” after posting that his daughter will be “pulling up in style” on her first day in ninth grade. 

Defending his choice of gift, Tyrese wrote, “Don’t tell me what you would and or wouldn’t do for your teen… When you really got it? Most 1%r’s will put 10 million in their child’s money market account at birth and let it grow interest by the time they turn 18 they will want for nothing.” 


He continued, “Instantly become a monthly trust fund baby.. Shayla is my first born just turned 15 she deserves the whole wide world!”

Tyrese also wasted no time to clap back at a fan who wrote, “That’s a bit much for the first day of school not a graduation lol”

The “Fast and Furious” actor comically responded, “This was her graduation.. But I just might do this for her first day at school let me look into it now.. Great idea lol” 

Fans of the singer didn’t seem to understand why others cared so much on what Gibson was doing with his daughter, and also highlighted that people should mind the business that pays them. 

“I’m not rich so it’s not my business”

“Tuh.. mind the business that pays you and your career”

“If I had the money I’d do the same thing as I;m sure most parent would” 

“My opinions are going to stay in my tax bracket… Go off baby boy!”

People may not agree with Gibson buying his 15-year-old daughter a car, but it looks as if the “Baby Boy” actor doesn’t care what the public has to say about his decision and only cares about his daughter’s happiness

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