‘They Look Just Alike’: Fans See Double When Tyrese Shares a Video of His Daughters Spending Time Together

Tyrese Gibson‘s video of his daughters Shayla Somer Gibson,14, and 3-year-old Soraya Lee Gibson bonding had fans gasping after they zoomed in on the girls’ similar features.

Gibson shares Shayla with his ex Norma Gibson. The former couple were married from 2007 to 2009. The actor’s youngest child, Soraya, is with his estranged wife, Samantha Lee Gibson. Tyrese and Samantha married in 2017 and are currently in the process of divorcing.

Tyrese Gibson uploads a video of his 14-year-old daughter Shayla Somer Gibson (left) and 3-year-old daughter Soraya Lee Gibson (right) spending quality time together. (Photo: @tyrese/Instagram)

In the Nov. 17 post, Shayla is seen spending quality time with her younger sister while holding a mic and singing a song. Things begin to take a turn after the toddler gets distracted by a KFC commercial.

In addition to posting the recording, the father of two wrote the caption, “Nothing else matters…….” As fans viewed the video, many brought up how “strong” the Gibson gene is. 

“Gibson genes strong cus they look like twins.”

“Beautiful daughters you have strong genes they look exactly like you. Simply amazing…. Gorgeous girls.”

Shayla, Soraya and Tyrese Gibson. (Photo: @tyrese/Instagram)

“They look just alike. Your genes are super strong.”

“Your little twins! Just beautiful.”

“Look at your babies looking like twins they have your whole face.”

Among the “strong genes” remarks, several people mentioned how quickly Soraya focused her attention from singing to the KFC commercial. One wrote, “Hell no, she don’t want to sing no more she wants one of them Kentucky fried Chicken sandwiches.” Another said, “She heard them say fried chicken sandwich and threw singing away.”

The same day Gibson uploaded the bonding video to his official Instagram account, the “Sweet Lady” vocalist shared another clip that included him and his daughters lounging in what appears to be the living room. In the caption, He expressed how seeing his children was the most “priceless gift” following his year.

Gibson wrote, “After the year I’ve had……… Not just back to back movies but working non-stop at the height of a pandemic and being blessed to remain Covid free sitting on this couch right now with my 2 angels watching CoCa is the greatest gift… the greatest priceless gift…….”

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