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‘Where’s Waldo’: Angela Simmons’ Good Vibes Instagram Video Is Overshadowed By Her Unique Outfit Choice

Angela Simmons sent fans good vibes as she saged her house jamming to “Cuff It” by Queen Bey. Simmons rocked a red and white long-sleeved crop top, denim booty shorts, and a green baseball cap while wearing yellow Hunter rain boots. The mom of one swayed back and forth, around in circles just as the chorus of the song started to play. 

Her Instagram caption read, “Sending ya great vibes! Clear the space around you! Headed to a special place today [smile emojis] Swinging these 30 inches lol”

Where?s Waldo': Angela Simmons' Good Vibes Instagram Video Is Overshadowed By Her Unique Outfit Choice
Angela Simmons enjoying farm life. (Photo: @angelasimmons/Instagram)

While Simmons’ goal was to transfer good vibes, some individuals were distracted by her unique ensemble. Fans even decided to compare her red and white crop shirt to the 1987 book turned video game, “Where’s Waldo” and recommended she take off her yellow boots. 

“Where’s Waldo”

“Take them boots off lol”

“The boots lost me” 

“Angela wya girl? Please explain this outfit”

Though some fans questioned the 34-year-old’s outfit choice, others admired her particular wardrobe and expressed their love of her carefree, confident attitude.

“Enjoying life, having fun! Positive vibes are beautiful”

“You look bomb girl!! [heart eyes]”

“I just love that she loves the skin she’s in!”

Fans’ may have been sharing their own personal opinions on her wardrobe, but that didn’t stop Angela from rocking her outfit as she practiced her farm girl lifestyle with @thegirlyblackfarmer. Angela uploaded two pictures following the video that showed her glowing as she stood beside a fence post in the first photo and posed next to a muscadine vine in her second photo. 

“Type of life that gets me excited” Angela said as she added chicken, strawberry and blueberry emojis. 

While the New York native may be new to farm life, she conveyed excitement on her Instagram Story where she noted her chickens will be “grass fed (vegetarians).” 

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