‘She Completely Ruined Herself’: Karlie Redd Hits Back at Rumors Of Getting Cosmetic Surgery on Her Face After Photo Causes a Stir on Social Media

“Love & Hip Hop” star Karlie Redd is drawing cause for concern after a photo of her appearing altered from what her fans are accustomed to began floating online. Since then, many critics have taken to social media, leaving less-than-positive comments about the reality star’s new look. However, the television personality assured her supporters that it is nothing more than minor lip injections and denied getting any other cosmetic work done. 

Social media users were stunned after a photo of Karlie with visibly larger lips and raised cheekbones. “She completely ruined herself,” one Twitter user captioned a side-by-side photo collage of Karlie. 

She Completely Ruined Herself': Karlie Redd Hits Back at Rumors Of Getting Cosmetic Surgery on Her Face?After Photo Causes a Stir on Social Media
ATLANTA, GA – JULY 18: Recording artist/tv personality Karlie Redd attends her “Ferrari Karlie” Single Release Party at Buckhead Loft on July 18, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

It wasn’t long before the 48-year-old caught wind of the online chatter and addressed the hurtful comments in a video captured by 9MagTV. “Let’s talk makeup. Let’s talk real sh–t. You know, because everybody’s talking about my face,” she says around the 2:19-minute mark as she’s seen getting her makeup done by Tim, her makeup artist.

She added, “Let’s keep it real. I got lip injections, and Tim is always getting on me, like, ‘Stop doing the lip injections or whatever, right.’ So, I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking s–t about my face.”

Karlie maintained that she has only received lip injection. “That’s all I got on my face,” she continued. “I have not had surgery, but I always make Tim do my makeup with my eyes doing slanted.” The star said, “That is my thing; make my eyes catty.”

The reality star told viewers, “I wouldn’t get my lips done. I got lip injections in them,” She also denied claims that she got cosmetic work done on her nose. “My nose has always been straight. Look at my daughter’s nose, you can tell we come from a family of straight noses,” she added.

Several people remained unconvinced, including one YouTube user who shared, “Girl friend definitely got her face done….” They added, “That’s not even the problem, the weird part is the denial part! Like you did something wrong! It ur money! Ur happy that’s all that matters!”

Still peppered throughout a flood of negative remarks, many called for empathy, including one supporter who wrote, “She’s still so beautiful but it’s sad what society has done to make us chase youth. There’s nothing wrong with aging gracefully. SMH”

Another person added, “Yall are not ready to have the real conversation about this, for all the people judging her and women like her, have some humility.”

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