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‘She Had No Reason to be Here Other Than to Help Me’: Dr. Heavenly Defends Kandi Burruss Following Explosive Argument with ‘RHOA’ Cast Mate Marlo Hampton

“Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes defended Kandi Burruss following her eruptive argument with Marlo Hampton where the singer’s credentials were questioned

In the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo strongly suggested that Kandi was “only known in Atlanta” for her music career, whereupon Kandi responded, “B—h, I’m worldwide.” Many individuals rallied to Kandi’s defense, Dr. Heavenly Kimes being one of them. 

Kandi Burruss (left) and Dr. Heavenly Kimes (right). (Photo: @dr_heavenly/Instagram)

The Atlanta dentist shared a video on Instagram where she explained why she considered Kandi to be a monumental figure.

Dr. Heavenly opened her video saying, “She [Kandi] is what we all look up to with Bravo as African-American females. I mean she is worldwide.” 

While the Florida native noted that she tends to “stay out of it” when it comes to drama and claimed she “doesn’t know what they are doing on the show,” Kimes said her feeling pf appreciation toward Kandi prompted her to highlight all Kandi has done to help support Kimes’ dentistry business.

“She’s comes in my office and, I’mma tell you first thing her teeth are perfect, they’re beautiful. She had no reason to be here other than to help me promote my business, and I don’t even know her like that. For her to help a Black girl coming up, I appreciate it, I thank her.” 

Dr. Heavenly continued to state, “Kandi is a real one, I don’t care what nobody says, I love her for all she’s done for me. She’s giving me financial advice to save me money on the kids.” 

Reiterating her thankfulness for the Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, Dr. Heavenly closed out her video by putting the one-minute video message “on her soul.”

It wasn’t long before Kandi got ahold of the video and expressed gratitude via an Instagram post where she responded:  

“Thank you for uplifting me @dr_heavenly! The last couple of days have been extremely stressful for me but seeing your message just bought a happy tear to my eye & a smile on my face. Love you!” 

Fans of both women uplifted their interaction while reminding Kandi about all of her accomplishments. 

“Yes! @dr_heavenly thank you for giving @kandi her flowers! Kandi, you are a light to so many around you! Your positive spirit, your willingness to go hard for everyone!”

“Dr. Heavenly is telling the truth! You’re a class act Kandi!”

“That’s real and a blessing. @dr_heavenly you didn’t have to say anything but you did. That’s what we all should drive to do! Love this ladies, keep inspiring us all to do the same.” 

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