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‘We About to Weep In the Theaters’: Keke Palmer Reacts to the Idea of Portraying Whitney Houston After Viral Tweet Compares Her to Late Singer

Keke “Keep-a-Bag” Palmer has earned the reputation of staying booked and busy and appears to have found her next big role as the late Whitney Houston.  

It all began after a Twitter fan uploaded a nearly three-minute compilation video of the late superstar singer’s funniest moments, with the caption: “Keke Palmer and Whitney Houston act exactly the same.” 

The post went viral almost instantly as social media users appeared to agree with the observation, including one fan who wrote, “I honestly think Nippy left a horcrux behind in Keke.”

Another person commented, “The video literally didn’t need to have Keke in it to SEE her in it,” before adding, “I can’t believe I never noticed this sh-t.” 

It wasn’t long before the “Nope” star caught wind of it. In a quoted reply, Keke wrote, “Let’s get the movie made y’all,” She added, “I’m ready to ACK, we abt to weep in the theaters.”

Fans appeared interested in the idea, as many began sharing their thoughts on who should direct and star alongside the 28-year-old actress. “t shouldn’t just be any Whitney made movie, we are talking Oscar worthy script for an Oscar worthy performance… the Whitney movies made so far seem more to make money than to tell a poignant story,” suggested one Twitter user. 

“You’re probably the only one that can do my favorite Jersey legend right. I refuse to watch the other ones so let’s get it!” added another person. 

“@KekePalmer should have been had a script and an Oscar Worthy movie about Whitney Houston presented to her,” declared the third person. “She’s pretty, can sing and talented. Just saying! It needs to happen!”

“You know, I was on the fence when I initially saw this,” wrote a fourth. “But as I watched the video, I was deeper and deeper convinced that Keke really is a millennial Whitney, and I love her for giving us that.”
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