‘How Diddy Let This Slip?’: Cassie Finally Receives Platinum Plaque for ‘Me & U’ After 16 Years

Several people have commented under singer, model, actress, and dancer Cassie’s recent Instagram post and congratulated the singer for finally receiving her very own platinum plaque for her 2006 debut single “Me & U.” The danceable pop tune reached No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 while spending 27 weeks on the chart 16 years ago and was certified platinum that same year. 

In the post revealing she received a plaque Cassie wrote, “When I told my attorney @chrisbrownlawyer that I never received my Platinum Plaque for ‘Me & U’ he couldn’t believe it and so graciously had one made for me. Thank you so much for reminding me to celebrate myself, Chris! This one was long overdue. Thank you to my love @alexfine for capturing me opening the plaque, I’m so glad I got to share that moment with you. I love you so much [heart emoji].” 

How Diddy Let This Slip?': Cassie Finally Receives Platinum Plaque for 'Me & U' After 16 Years
Cassie. @cassie/Instagram

Celebrities such as Nazanin Mandi, Lena White and many more rushed over to give Cassie her deserved flowers. 

Her husband of nearly three years, Alex Fine, showed his wifey some love with his comical response, “Wow! You deserve 100 plaques. Wait till they hear your remix to baby shark!”

Fans of the singer’s hit single couldn’t wait to comment on the song’s achievement, but also believed “Me & U” should have been received plaque status. 

“Should’ve been platinum the way I played it over and over again trying to get those dance moves down”

“This song should’ve been gotten its flowers years ago!”

Some individuals put the blame Cassie’s music mogul ex, Sean “Diddy” Combs, as a reason why “Me & U” is just now receiving its due acknowledgement. 

“Diddy been holding it hostage”

“How Diddy let this slip?”

In 2007, Cassie became a spokesperson for Diddy’s clothing line, where the dating rumors first began. For over 10 years, Cassie and Diddy were one of Hollywood’s IT couples before officially splitting in 2018. Though their relationship timeline has been filled with publicized cheating allegations, it seems as if there is no bad blood between the two. The rapper and music producer recently thanked his ex-girlfriend ” during his BET award acceptance speech for being an instrumental person in his life while he was “in a dark place for a few years.”

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