‘Steve Went All the Way In’: Steve Harvey Shares Encouraging Words to Followers About Achieving Their Dreams

Steve Harvey dropped nothing but knowledgable tidbits during Earn Your Leisure‘s Invest Fest over the weekend. The second annual event was held in Atlanta, where the host and comedian spoke in front of over 12,000 people. He served as a partner for this year’s weekend-long event, where Dame Dash, Slutty Vegan’s Pinky Cole and others spoke about financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and more. The audience was much bigger than those watching “Celebrity Family Feud” on set, which made the impact of Harvey’s words that much more meaningful.

After Invest Fest, he shared a clip from his motivational speech with social media users, encouraging all dreamers and entrepreneurs to “take a leap of faith.”

Steve Went All the Way In?: Steve Harvey Shares Encouraging Words to Followers About Achieving Their Dreams
Steve Harvey shared a clip from his encouraging speech at Atlanta’s Invest Fest. (Photo: @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram.)

He said, “The hardest thing is to start. Start, man. Most people are frozen with fear and frozen with the how-to. You can’t figure out how to make a million dollars if you never start. You ain’t got to know how to make a million dollars. Who told you that? You got to start, man.”

The 57-year-old advised his followers to step out of faith and do the necessary work to achieve their dreams. “You got to take a leap of faith,” he continued. “Quit tripping yourself out of the blessing because you worried about the how-to. God ain’t nowhere in the Bible told you to figure it out. He said ask, believe, receive, and he said faith without works is dead.”

Harvey’s video gained over 63,885 likes on Instagram and thousands of comments from many who expressed their appreciation for wise words of wisdom.

“Thanks Steve! I’m starting and taking that leap!”

“Bro, LEGENDARY! Steve went all the way in.”


“Mr. Harvey, you said something right dare!”

“Thank you sir. This is wisdom. The Bible is our reference of truth. Don’t try to figure it out just START. God will direct us from there.”

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