‘If Sticking by My Man Was a Relationship’: T.I. and Tiny Harris are All Smiles as They Celebrate Their 12th Wedding Anniversary Following a Few Controversial Years 

T.I. and Tiny Harris have proven to the general public that their bond can stand the test of time after recently announcing that they have celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary. T.I. and Tiny, who share a blended family of seven children, got married on July 30, 2010.

Throughout their union, the pair has experienced several controversial moments. The list includes alleged infidelity on T.I.’s part and sexual assault allegations. The allegations were first brought on last year after Sabrina Peterson revealed that the “Live Your Life” rapper reportedly held her at gunpoint in 2009, at a children’s gathering. Following Peterson’s claim, multiple women came forward and shared what they described as their past experiences with the couple. 

?If Sticking by My Man Was a Relationship?: T.I. and Tiny Harris are All Smiles as They Celebrate Their 12th Wedding Anniversary Following a Few Controversial Years?
Tiny Harris reveals she and T.I. have recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary with a getaway trip. Photo:@majorgirl/Instagram

In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 2, Tiny shared with her followers that she and T.I. went on a getaway trip to celebrate their anniversary. Although the Xscape singer didn’t disclose where the pair went, she uploaded a few photos and a video from the excursion. 

In addition to the post, Tiny expressed in the caption her love for T.I. has grown over the years. She wrote, “I’m late I was having too much fun on my anniversary trip but I wanted to say Happy 12th year anniversary to the man of my dreams. Thank you for loving me with the way u do. After 21 years we find a way to be in love like we just met.”

Tiny added, “U are 4ever my King. Thank you for ALL that u do for me & our family! U just get better & better with time & all for our love. Mr. & Mrs. H 4lifers..” As Tiny’s upload began circulating online, many bashed the pair’s relationship because of the hardships they faced in the past.

“Imma stick beside my man get him back and then stick beside him again was a person.”

“That 12 years ain’t worth celebrating lol but this cute ig.”

“If sticking by my man was a relationship.”

“They are the TRUE definition of ‘in sickness, in health, infidelity, crime, imprisonment, threesomes, putting hits out, til death do us part’ happy anniversary”

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