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‘This Not the Diamond I Remember’: LisaRaye McCoy’s Dance Moves Leave Fans Questioning What Happened to Her ‘The Players Club’ Groove

LisaRaye McCoy may always be recognized as Diamond the exotic dancer by fans who came to know her during the ’90s. The actress took on the unforgettable role in “The Players Club” in 1998. Since then, the role has seemingly followed McCoy.

Even with seeing her let her hair down and hit the dance floor, McCoy’s fans can’t seem to help themselves from finding a way to make mention of her past sexy role. Such was the case when a video of McCoy — dressed in her signature all white — dancing made its way online.

?This Not the Diamond I Remember?: LisaRaye McCoy?s Dance Moves Leave Fans Questioning What Happened to Her ?The Players Club? Groove
(R to L): Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox and LisaRaye McCoy Photo: Msvfox/Instagram

McCoy and her “Cocktails With Queens” co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson, Vivica A. Fox, and several others were recently in Jamaica to celebrate Fox’s 58th birthday. McCoy, 54, was just one of many who made their way to the dance floor to bust a move.  

It’s the auntie moves for me lol,” commented one person who was tickled by McCoy’s shuffle-like dance moves.

Another wrote, “I would’ve been out there with auntie with a cup in my hand not gone lie..yelling “Let’s gooooooo”

“lisaraye is such a vibe. she’s the auntie we all need at the cookout,” wrote another social media user.

And of course, there was a handful of people who took advantage of their opportunity to point out that McCoy’s moves were nothing like the ones she did for the big screen over two decades ago. “This not the diamond I remember. Lol where them moves,” read a comment.

Others included, “Damn sho ain’t diamond but it’ll do,” “Now Diamond you done forgot your moves,” and at least a few people taking notice of someone in the background. “The highlight of this video is sis twerking by herself in the back.”

McCoy has starred in multiple television shows and had countless movie roles since playing Diamond. But the actress has said in the past that escaping sexy roles was a challenge. “When you do such a role that’s iconic and it deems you as a sex symbol, you feel that you have to be sexy all the time,” she explained while appearing on the now-defunct “The Real” talk show. 

She continued, “You play up to what you know that helped make you, you know. So you tend to kind of stay in those roles, besides them giving me those type of roles, the woman next door, the cheater, this mistress or whatever.”

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