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‘Don’t Play with Savannah’: Fans are in Stitches After Savannah Checks LeBron James In New Clip Over Their Vow Renewal  

Savannah James is no rookie to going viral. Whether it’s for her beauty posts or family moments, fans on social media can’t get enough of the brown-skinned beauty. Over the weekend, the mother of three had fans in tears after she hijacked her husband and NBA star LeBron James’ Instagram post with matters she found way more important than the new outfit he was showing off. 

It all started when the Los Angeles Lakers star took to his Stories, where he showcased his new green tracksuit that is part of Nike and LeBron’s 20th year of collaboration. However, it appears that the couple was in the middle of discussing party plans when the athlete decided to make the fashion video.

(L-R) LeBron James and Savannah James.Photo:@mrssavannahj/Instagram

“What we doing about that vow renewal? Is it happening or nah?” Savannah asked a distracted LeBron, who answered,  “What we doing about what? We could do whatever you want, boo boo … whatever you want to do.” 

Savannah, who was spotted wearing a T-shirt and sweats, rolled her eyes, warning her championship-winning husband not to post her online. “I’m not [on Instagram ] Live,” the ballplayer said. “I was showing off my sweatsuit, but you want to talk about vows. So we could do whatever you want. I would love to talk about our vows.” Savannah looked back to see if LeBron was recording before knocking the phone out of his hand.

Fans on social media were laughing at the hilarious exchange, including one Instagram user who wrote, “Lol don’t play with Savannah.” Another person commented. “He stay getting her when she in her chill mode lol I love them,” wrote another fan.

“Iktr Savannah,  cause you finna get this natural at home !” quipped a third person. “You can tell Savannah don’t be playing with him.”

James did find some support from the fellas, including one fan who sympathized with the sports star in his attempt to show off his attire. “That be me !!!!” the person declared. “ON GOD Lmfaoo like come on you know the outfit is to kill let me have this moment go ahead get whatever you want.”

“When you just wanna chill but wifey tryna ask all the hard questions,” added another person.

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