‘What’s All That Movement Back There’: Tracee Ellis Ross Workout Video Derails After Fans Zoom In on This 

Over the years, Tracee Ellis Ross has vocally discussed the importance of working out through interviews or social media posts.

One of the actress’ favorite workout routines includes the Tracy Anderson method. Anderson is a fitness instructor who offers in-person or virtual classes. Some of the sessions include dancing, stretching and standing chair exercises.

?What?s All That Movement Back There?: Tracee Ellis Ross Workout Video Derails After Fans Zoom In on This?
Tracee Ellis Ross’ recent workout video goes left when fans solely focus on the actress’ backside. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 2, Ross gave fans a glimpse of the workout’s intensity by uploading a compilation video. In the clip, the 49-year-old was seen doing various exercises, including squats, kickback lunges while using a chair as assistance and leg workouts. 

Throughout the video and between exercises, Ross decided to spice up things by shaking her derrière. In addition to the upload, the “black-ish” star expressed in the caption how much she enjoyed Anderson’s program. 

She wrote, “Love feeling long and strong with this current @tracyandersonmethod program.” As fans viewed the post, many bypassed Ross’ message and zeroed in on her body. The comments ranged from to those about the “Girlfriends” star’s backside to her “natural” physique. 

“What’s all that movement back there?”

“It’s the booty for me auntie with the leg up, wait a minute let me get my chair rubber bands too lol werk.”

“I like the lil jiggle jiggle at the beginning.”

I just appreciate the Naturalness Of it ALL

I love that this woman is all natural

Among the previous remarks, others thanked Ross for inspiring them. One wrote, “Get it girl! Inspiration right here to werk it out after eating too much on my cruise!! Love it! Keep sharing.”

Another said, “Tracee thanks for inspiring us and making the world brighter.” A third Instagram user wrote, “Get it girl!!!!!!!!! We must take care of our bodies. Thank you for the inspiration.”

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