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‘Did I Hear Your Back Pop?’: Tracee Ellis Ross Stretching Video Has Fans Intrigued  

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross seemingly is in great shape, and after the 49-year-old shared a video of herself doing gyrotonics on Instagram, fans were intrigued.

The “black-ish” actress posted a video on March 24 with the caption: “Keeping the spine open and the energy flowing.”

Tracee Ellis Ross in an image on Instagram (Photo: Tracee Ellis Ross/Instagram)

Gyrotonics is a set of unique movements utilizing natural motions to create balance, efficiency, flexibility and strength. It was created by Hungarian and Romanian dancer Juliu Horvath — after he was debilitated by dance injuries — to heal and rebuild strength.

The movements open energy pathways, stimulate the nervous system and increase the range of motion. The exercise also builds stamina and improves health with specialized equipment that is used to assist and guide the exercises.

Ross rocked her hair in a high bun as she completed the exercise, which is similar to pilates.

Folks had questions in the comments section on Instagram about the exercise, while others knew exactly what Ross was up to.

Stephen Galloway wrote, “Gyrotonics Thee BEST ‼️” 

“My name must be spine and energy,” wrote one Instagram user. “This looks like it stretches your back so good,” replied one. “It’s the stretch for me,” noted another.

“I need one of those. My stretching is sooo bad. I’m sure it felt super relaxed afterward,” responded one fan. “Did I hear your back pop?”

“Ok, ok, gotta do my stretching now too, yes! We need all our good energy flowing flowing flowing!”

“She know what she doin… AND I LOVE IT!!!”

“Positive energy and great stretch,” concluded another Instagram user.

Tracee is no stranger to keeping her body tight. Another activity that many fans can see the actress participate in is swimming. Tracee shares many videos of herself having fun in her swimming pool especially when it’s warm outside.

You can watch Ross doing gyrotonics in the video below.

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