‘You’re Beautiful Inside and Out’: Willow Smith Dazzles In Red Bikini While Opening Up About Insecurities 

Over the years, Willow Smith has been very vocal about her life struggles. 

The list includes Smith’s battle with anxiety, wanting a Brazilian Butt Lift after failing to accept how she physically looked and upholding her parents’ legacy while venturing down her own path. In an Instagram post shared on July 27, Smith continued to showcase a vulnerable side as she opened up about the thought of where her values lie as a human being. 

You?re Beautiful Inside and Out': Willow Smith Dazzles In Red Bikini While Opening Up About Insecurities?
Willow Smith opens up the many insecurities she faced while showing off her body in a red bikini. @willowsmith/Instagram

While sharing a clip of herself rocking a red bikini, Smith wrote, “just a little reminder that our value as humans doesn’t lye in our external abilities or productivity. our value is innate, equal and, bestowed upon us by <The Divine>.”

The 21-year-old added, “I’ve been struggling with this recently & It truly breaks my heart when I allow myself to stray from that mental and emotional path. just know you are loved, naturally significant and, valuable no matter what the world or your insecurities have made you believe.”

As fans viewed Smith’s upload, many thanked the “Transparent Soul” vocalist for her words of encouragement. 

“Wow thank you I needed this so much. You’re beautiful inside and out.”

“I feel so comforted by these beautiful words, girl w. thank you for sharing your learnings & experiences for us, teaching the best!! ily infinitely.”

“Thank you for this beautiful.”

“Materialism don’t mean ish when there’s no real love involved….Willow you’re a real one. I love you so much.”

“Thank you Beautiful this truly touched my heart, I love you and so proud of you!!”

Among the previous responses, others mentioned how they could relate to Smith’s experience. One wrote, “I can absolutely relate to this and am so happy you’re taking time for yourself being in nature.”

Another said, “I relate so hard… but I try to remind myself that straying is all part of the journey it teaches us our abilities to identify the stray, redirect, and rediscover a deeper connection with ourselves. wouldn’t enjoy the sunshine as much without occasional rain.”

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