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‘I Have All Kinds’: Tracy Morgan Capitalizes Off His Love for Sharks and 20,000-Gallon Tank with New Series

 Discovery kicked off its “Shark Week” with a series of programming dedicated to the water apex predator. While promoting his new “Sharks! With Tracy Morgan” with his daughter, the comedian opened up about his love for the affectionately known sea dog and his personal 20,000-gallon backyard shark tank

During a recent appearance on CNN, Morgan shared, “I had a shark tank in my backyard, so I actually spend time with them–me and my daughter.” When asked what kind of sharks he owned, the Emmy-nominated actor shot off a list of various species, including “Black Tips, WhiteTips, Gray Reef, Leopards.” “Catfish sharks,” he added. “I have all kinds of sharks in my  tank because I have a 20,000-gallon shark tank in my backyard.”

Fans on social media were in stitches after discovering Morgan’s massive shark collection, including one Twitter user who wrote, “Tracy Morgan talking about sharks is the best thing America has given me since the illusion that Bernie Sanders could have been president.”

Over on Instagram, readers were having a field day in the comment sections. “Tracy Morgan is different, some ppl got goldfish. Tracy Morgan got sea world in his backyard,” joked another fan.

Many users tried to rationalize the lavish purchase, including one fan who wrote, “Because he rich & that’s what he like that’s why.” They added, “ I F around & have a shark tank big as him too if I could afford it.” “This conversation is outside of my tax bracket,” quipped a fourth. 

On “Sharks! With Tracy Morgan,” the actor will give viewers his impressive run down on some of his favorite sharks as he teams up with shark experts from throughout the country who will provide the facts. Together they’ll identify the craziest and most ferocious sharks in the ocean. From rare species to stealth predators, Tracy shows off his favorite sharks and their incredible capabilities and adaptations.”

The series can be found on Discovery and can be streamed live on Discovery+ and other live TV services.
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