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Yikes! Tracy Morgan’s Bugatti Reportedly Will Cost About $32,000 to Repair

Tracy Morgan got into a fender bender while he was in his 2012 Bugatti Veyron, and the repairs cost a small fortune.

TMZ reports the accident happened on June 4 in New York City, just 15 minutes after the actor bought the luxury vehicle from a place called Manhattan Motorcars. The other driver, Jocelyn Madulid, 61, drove a Honda CR-V and Morgan’s bumper was damaged.

The driver’s side fender was hit as well, and it’ll cost about $10,000 to fix it, minus labor. It’ll also be about $22,000 to replace the bumper, and the car itself cost around $2 million.

Shortly after the accident, Morgan sent a tweet to let his fans know that he wasn’t injured, although he initially complained of pain and was checked out by an ambulance.

Plus, the accident fell just three days short of the five year anniversary of Morgan being in a car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that left him with severe injuries and killed his friend James McNair.

A Walmart truck was involved in the crash as well, and Morgan was awarded a settlement in the $90 million range.

“Thanks for any concern but I am totally fine,” Morgan tweeted on June 4. “My new car? We shall see. Love you all.”

While some tweeted kind words back to the comedian, others blasted him for his behavior after the accident. Because in a video that surfaced, you can see the 50-year-old bang on the other driver’s vehicle and yell “B-itch, get out the car.”

“I was driving. I heard somebody hit me. I felt boom,” Madulid told the New York Post’s Page Six. “He was yelling at me. I got scared. I didn’t yell anything back. I just stayed in my car.”

She also said the accident was Morgan’s fault, not hers.

“We are both turning right, people are still crossing,” she explained. “So what happened is we’re both turning right. But I know he hit me because I was already [turning]. I was there. He was the one who hit me.”

Madulid, who was in the lane to Morgan’s immediate left, was judged by police at the scene — who apparently witnessed the incident — to be at fault, according to TMZ’s reporting.

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