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‘This Natural Glow’: Jordyn Woods’ Makeup-Free Look Causes a Commotion on Social Media

Jordyn Woods seems ready to return to reality following a five-week excursion with her boyfriend, Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns.

The 24-year-old shared this revelation on July 19 in an Instagram post filled with photos from her trip to Hawaii.

?This Natural Glow?: Jordyn Woods? Makeup-Free Look Causes a Commotion on Social Media
Jordyn Woods’ fans are left in awe of her natural beauty. @jordynwoods/Instagram

A few images showcased Woods posing for the camera as she wore a colorful ensemble. As for hair and makeup, the model appeared to have followed the less is more motto by ditching her extensions and full face for her natural curls and a makeup-free look. 

In addition to the upload, Woods wrote in the caption, “Hawaii was most relaxing way to end our trip Island me is the best me! 5 weeks on the road, so blessed but so ready to get back into my routine and get my nails done a lot of content I never posted coming soon and some on my @playboy centerfold!”

As fans viewed the post, many praised Woods for her natural appearance.

“This natural glow.”

“BEAUTIFUL! those Freckles!!!”

“You are so naturally beautiful. I’m sure this is beauty.”

Jordyn Woods
Jordyn Woods. (Photo: @jordynwoods/Instagram)

“It’s the natural Jordan for me.”

“FACE CARD NEVER DECLINED @jordynwoods!!!!!”

Among the previous remarks, others mentioned Woods’ curly hair. One wrote, “Natural hair out and all!! I’m here for it.” Another said, “Your natural hair (heart eye emoji).” 

A third person stated, “Beautiful! Glowing and curls are popping! Love seeing you all-natural. You should wear your naturals curls out more often.” 

In 2019, Woods opened up about her natural hair and why she switches up her look occasionally. She told Cosmopolitan magazine, “My relationship with my hair grows every single day, and I’ve been working on a regimen that will boost the health of my hair and leave me feeling comfortable rocking my natural curls.”

Woods added, “However, when I’m on set it’s much easier and safer to wear braids, wigs or weaves, to protect it from all the heat used. I also love switching my hair up, it’s an easy way to play with your identity and style, without having to do something too drastic.”

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