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‘She Won’: Jordyn Woods Congratulates Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns on New $224 Million Contract Extension 

Model Jordyn Woods congratulated her boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns on his new contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves on July 1. Towns agreed to a deal worth $224 million that will extend his contract until 2028, according to ESPN.  

The four-year extension’s total value is $295 million and begins in 2024. Many speculated Towns ask for a trade from the team during contract negotiations despite his insistence that he wanted to finish his career with the Timberwolves.  

“I’ve said it before that I think one of my biggest weaknesses for me is loyalty,” said Towns. “I’m a very loyal guy, to a fault. I’ve said it before, I would love to finish my career here in Minnesota. … I want to build something great here. I want to build a legacy in Minnesota.” 

Woods congratulated Towns for his multi-million-dollar deal on her Instagram Stories. “Proud is an understatement,” she wrote followed by a crown emoji. “You are so deserving of this.” The model also dropped a prayer, heart and crying emoji.

TheYBF Daily caught a screenshot of the Instagram Story. “224M / 4YR,” was written under a picture of Towns in Woods’ Instagram Story.  

?She Won?: Jordyn Woods Congratulates Boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns on New 4 Million Contract Extension?
Jordyn Woods congratulates Karl-Anthony Towns on his four-year extension with the Minnesota Timberwolves. (Photo: @TheYBF Daily / Instagram) 

Several fans congratulated the couple for their good fortune. One fan noted that Towns bag was now secured. “Well damnnnnn! Bag secured!”  

“Congratulations,” added another fan. “Biy these nba contracts are amazing.” 

“Jordyn you guys are winning and I’m here for it congratulation you guys.” Another fan replied, “I love seeing Black people win!!!” 

Many fans noted Woods’ previous relationship with the Kardashians and Tristan Thompson in the comment section. Woods was best friends with Kylie Jenner until Thompson, who was in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian, reportedly made a pass at Woods during a party back in 2019. Woods denied a hookup but admitted to kissing Thompson.

The event reportedly ended her relationship with the Jenner and the Kardashian clan, and fans noted Woods’ former friends in the comment section.

“Khloe somewhere punching the air,” replied one fan. “Tried to tarnish Jordyn’s reputation and she’s winning like hell!” 

“The Kartrasheings who? Jordyn for the WIN,” replied another fan. “And Khloe still over there dealing with Tristan drama after they accused Jordyn of being a bad ‘friend’ Go Jordyn and Karl!!! 

“Congratulations to him, I’m so happy for them as a whole, Jordyn is definitely winning. This is what happens when ppl wish bad on you, God steps right and block in.” 

“The best revenge is living well. I’m so happy for Jordyn. She seems like a sweet girl,” noted one. Another added, “She won!!” 

“They are a beautiful couple.” 

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