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‘Stay Out of Women’s Business’: Peter Thomas Claims Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Didn’t Like the Amount of Camera Time He Began to Receive on ‘RHOA’

One of the most memorable husbands on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is Peter Thomas. His sharp tongue and ability to go head-to-head against “RHOA” queen bee Nene Leakes caught the eyes of viewers and producers. 

Peter sat down and chatted about his time on the show with Carlos King, producer of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” from 2008 on 2012, on his podcast titled, “Reality with The King.” In the interview, Peter and Carlos expressed that they felt the husbands’ voices should be heard more to create stronger dynamics within the show. 

Stay Out of Women?s Business': Peter Thomas Claims Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Didn't Like the Amount of Camera Time He Began to Receive on 'RHOA'

“I got in a lot of trouble for this, but I made sure that you men taped scenes together and we did more couple events.” Carlos said. The CEO of Kingdom Reign Entertainment affirmed the reason additional scenes between the ladies and their husbands came about from a conversation he and Peter had behind the scenes. Carlos told Peter, “It started with you and I talking.”

More camera time for the husbands meant they were able to promote their businesses and viewers could acquire a closer look into their lifestyles and families. Peter noted the change created a space where husbands sat down with their wives to watch the show.

“More men and women would watch the show together… and we can clearly see how the ratings jumped when you added the three of us (Peter Thomas, Todd Tucker, and Apollo Nida) got into it.”

While the men were able to show a little bit more of themselves, Peter explained how some of the women couldn’t handle receiving less camera time. 

“It makes a lot of the girls upset too because we were taking camera time away from them”

The 61-year-old entrepreneur went the lengths of telling Carlos that his newfound popularity with viewers was the reason Nene Leakes told him to “stay out of women’s business” during the “RHOA” season-six trip to Mexico. 

“That’s why Nene told me to ‘stay out of women’s business’ why? ‘Cause I’m taking more camera time? I got some s–t I wanna promote too.” 

Carlos also disclosed behind-the-scenes secrets surrounding Cynthia Bailey’s frustration toward Peter when the two would film. 

“Cynthia used to be mad at you for what she felt like you were taking away scenes from her and making the scenes about you and interfering with her relationship with Nene” 

Peter quoted that it was “the dumbest s–t ever.” 

Neither Nene Leakes nor Cynthia Bailey have responded to Peter’s podcast interview. 

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