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‘She Got It’: Peter Thomas Declares ‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore as the Smartest Woman on Reality Television 

Peter Thomas is singing high praises of a certain “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star. During a recent interview, the former housewives husband declared Kenya Moore the “smartest” cast member on the popular Bravo series. 

Thomas shared the kind remarks during a recent interview with producer Carlos King on his podcast “Reality with the KING,” stating that the “smartest female on the show is Kenya …she got it.”

?She Got It?: Peter Thomas Declares ?RHOA? Star Kenya Moore as the Smartest Woman on Reality Television?
Peter Thomas (L) and Kenya Moore (R). Photo: @peterthomasrhoa/ Instagram @kenya/ Instagram

When King asked Thomas to clarify that he believed the former model to be the “smartest woman on the reality television he’s met,” the Atlanta-based entrepreneur answered: “Kenya Moore, by far.”

Thomas explained that his admiration for the reality star comes from the notion that “She gets this sh-t, you know what I’m saying.” He continued, “She doesn’t take it personal. She understands that this is a job. She understands that in real life, most of these people she would never be friends with, you know what I’m saying. She understands what comes along with being on camera and television.

Elsewhere he applauded the actress’s outlook on the industry, stating, “I love the way Kenya looks at it. … Kenya looks at it as a business.”

However, Thomas was the only one showing love to the Bravo star. Many fans echoed the businessman’s sentiments, including one Instagram user who wrote a lengthy comment, “Yea she’s a very intelligent woman and I’ve heard several people say the ‘real’ Kenya is actually very very sweet person.”

The social media user highlighted Kenya’s reputation for playing the “villain role” but suggested that the star portrays it “very well because a lot of people hate her as though she’s personally done something to them, and all she’s really doing is making damn good TV LOL.”

Another person commented, “I agree with his take on it. Kenya understands this is work, hence her antics. It’s reality TV and sh-t can get too personal, but it’s still a job! An easy bag at that!!”

“Carlos himself has said this… she’s coming to deliver what the Audience want … a “villain” and ppl really think she’s like that in real life,” wrote a third person. “Make sense! Everybody else literally cry and have temper tantrums.”

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