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‘Fathers If You Want Smoke It’s Up & Stuck’: Chad Johnson Shares Rare Family Photo with His Seven Children 

Squad Goals!

Chad Johnson took to Instagram on July 20 to share a rare photo of his children. The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver reportedly has seven children with multiple women.

?Fathers If You Want Smoke It?s Up & Stuck?: Chad Johnson Shares Rare Family Photo with His Seven Children?
Chad Johnson shares a rare photo of his seven children. Photo:@ochocinco/Instagram

Those who appeared in the beach-themed family photo included Jicyra Johnson, Chad Johnson Jr., Chade Johnson, Cha’iel Johnson, Kennedy Johnson, Savi Johnson and Serenity Johnson. Their ages range from 24 years old to six months old. Johnson welcomed his youngest daughter Serenity with his fiancée, Sharelle Rosado, earlier this year. 

In addition to the image, the “I Am Athlete” host jokingly bragged about how his family could compete in any event because of their age differences. He wrote, “Squad Goals, any other families that want smoke with The Johnson’s, it’s whatever, I have all ages available for any event or competition of your choice.”

Johnson added, while mentioning his youngest daughter, Serenity, whom he nicknamed French Fry, “fathers if you want smoke it’s up & stuck if you want to test greatness, if you have an infant French Fry with the s–ts too, we can have a crawling contest or who can finish their bottle first. Gang Gang.”

As fans viewed the upload, many zeroed in on Johnson’s caption. Several individuals expressed how hilarious it was, while others mentioned Serenity joining the competition. 

“Not the poor baby wanting all the smoke too.”

“Caption funny asf (laughing emoji) you dead serious.”

“Not a crawling contest or who can finish their bottle first.”

“Lol this dude is so funny but I love this photo.”

“The caption is so you.” 

Among the previous responses, a handful of social media users praised Johnson for being a good father. One wrote, “Beautiful family. Love to see black fathers being great fathers #blackdadsmatter.” Another said, “Loving this Dad energy.”

A third person posted, “Ochocinco we love you for this. Out of all the great things that you’ve done, this is the greatest, being a father!”

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