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Halle Berry Reacts After Keke Palmer Says She ‘Looks Better’ Than Her

Keke Palmer is the queen of iconic one liners, from her singing “I know it ain’t, I know it ain’t the stallion” after welcoming Megan Thee Stallion at the 2021 Met Gala, to her serious statement “Sorry to this man, I don’t know who he is” while taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Keke’s quirky remarks have quickly become memorable meme reactions on social media. 

During the press tour for her new film “Nope,” written and directed by Jordan Peele, the amusing speaker did an interview with Wired and answered the most-searched questions about her that fans look up

Halle Berry Reacts After Keke Palmer Says She 'Looks Better' Than Her
(left) Halle Berry @halleberry/Instagram, (right) Keke Palmer @keke/Instagram

The 14-minute video was filled with memorable Keke Palmer sayings that the public has already deemed meme-worthy. A three-minute snippet of the Wired video found its way to Twitter and showed Keke reading, “What Disney show was Keke Palmer in?” She explained how she did “a little company hopping” from Disney Channel to Nickelodeon because she wanted to know “who’s cutting the check?” 

While fans have begun using that line to represent reactions, one answer from the short clip received a Twitter response from a famous icon. 

In the Twitter clip there was a question that asked, “Who does Keke Palmer look like?” Taking in a deep sigh, Keke stated, “That means that people have been looking at me and being like ‘she looks like somebody’ And I know the person that they’re hoping to find, which is who they’ve been telling me I look like my entire life.”

Dramatically dragging out her answer, the actress finally said, “Which is Halle Berry. I’m kidding.” 

Keke slapped her knee and laughed at herself before she said “I look better” with a straight face. Noticeably joking about her answer, Keke corrected herself, “No, Angela Bassett.” 

Her answer to the question turned into its own individual clip that was noticed by Halle Berry herself. The Oscar-winning actress quote tweeted the now-18-second clip and wrote, “Now wait a minute Lauren! [laughing emoji] [red heart].” 

Confirming no bad blood between the two, Halle also commented, “And for the record, I adore @KekePalmer [heart] Can’t wait to see @nopemovie.” 

Fans of both ladies sent hearts and laughing emojis their way and even suggested the two star in a movie or series together. 

“Both of y’all be cutting up [laughing emojis] comedy series maybe??”

“Make a movie together!”

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